Secretary v/s Receptionist - By Ramesh

Karishma has worked as the secretary to the President at Bradtree Enterprises for the last five years. She's a 28 year old beauty with long black hair and black eyes. Her breasts are large and firm 38DD's. She stands about 5'8" tall and weighs around 125lbs. She's hot and she knows it, with an attitude to boot. She enjoys the prestige of her job and makes sure that theother girls in the office know who's boss. She's never had problems with any of the other female employees of Bradtree, even though they're all jealous of her and pretty much hate her. Never that is until Annie was hired on as the receptionist a couple of months ago.

Annie is just as hot and sexy as Karishma if not more so. She's a 27 year old female who's dimensions are almost equal to Karishma's. Her 38D's are mounted on a 5'8" frame that probably weighs in at 125lbs as well. Her face is slightly prettier than Karishma's and her brown hair is not quite as long. The thing that struck me most about her when I first met her was her attitude. She was just as much of a female as Karishma was, a girl who was used to getting her own way in everything. It seemed these two hot young females were destined to fight each other from day one.

As they were introduced to each other and they shook hands, I could tell there was a rivalry between them instantly. They looked each other up and down as their hands pressed together firmly. Even this innocent and common kind of contact sent a slight shiver down each girls back as their bodies responded to the primal urge in each of them to dominate the other. "Pleased to meet you", Annie said curtly, staring directly into Karishma's eyes. "Likewise", was the reply accompanied by an equally penetrating gaze from Karishma.
As the first week went by, the tension between the two hot young females grew steadily. Annie would "forget" to give Karishma her messages and Karishma would constantly bad mouth Annie to the boss. After a couple of instances of bumping shoulders in the hall and the exchange of a few choice words, the two women had their first face to face encounter.Karishma: "Look Annie, I don't like you, so stay out of my way"Annie: "Why don't you stay out of my way, Karishma"Karishma: "Fuck you bitch, how dare u tell me that!!"As the words left Karishma's mouth, Annie sneered at her and slapped her hard across the face. Karishma slapped her back and the two exchanged a series of hard, vicious, head jerking slaps before the other employees broke them apart. They strained to free themselves from their restrainers, curssing and spitting at each other as they kicked at each others long, sexy legs. The boss called them both into his office and told them to calm down. This was a place of business and he couldn't have his secretary and receptionist brawling in the hallway like two cats. He suggested they settle their dispute that night, after hours, woman to woman. They could use the conference room where they would have a large space to fight in private with no one to stop them. They stared coldly into each others eyes as they nodded their heads in agreement. "May the best woman win", he told them as they left his office.

The two women met in the conference room at 5:00pm sharp, each eager to tear into the other. They circled each other slowly, dressed in their respective clothings. Karishma was wearing a blue coloured salwar kameez with blue churidar,black high heels while Annie was in orange salwar kameez with orange dupatta & white high heels.They stared hate-filled daggers into each others eyes. Their hands were outstreached like claws in front of them as they moved toward one another. All at once, they connected, their fingers interlocking as they began a power struggle. They grunted as they strained to overpower each other, their hands moving to their sides as their bodies moved closer together. As tit touched tit through their salwars, they released each others hands and began to rip each others clothes off. They screamed as their long nails ripped through fabric and flesh. Soon both women were naked except for the panties covering their hairy cunts. Both were sweating heavily as they rushed each other, their hot young bodies slapping together loudly as they made contact. They moaned and grunted as their equally matched tits mashed and rolled into each other. Each girl could feel the others stiff nipples stabbing into her own as their tits smashed each other flat. The two sexual rivals undulated their bodies together in synchrony as their tits and nipples fought each other for sexual supremacy. They squealed each time their nipples would match up head on, causing each girl intense pain and pleasure at the same time. As they fought, their long sexy legs became entangled and they tripped each other, falling to the floor in a sweaty heap of fighting female flesh. They intertwined their legs tightly together as they pressed together hip to hip, ankle locked with ankle.Annie was on top of Karishma when Karishma broke their legs apart and stuck them straight up in the air. They stared into each others eyes, sneering in disgust as Annie shifted her body down to meet Karishma's challenge.It was an incredible sight, two horny young women locked together in the heat of sexual battle, tits rubbing into tits, grinding hard into each other. The girls screamed and cried as their tits rubbed together, rubbing each other raw.It was too much for both of them.

They sunk their claws into each others faces and clawed at each other deperately. They broke apart, sobbing in anguish at the pain they had inflicted on each other. Their rivalry wasn't over, but both were too spent to continue fighting right then and there. They rolled away from each other, both pairs of tits heaving as they breathed heavily, trying to regain their composure. They put their tattered clothes back on, Annie leaving first and then Karishma. They would both be back, and soon.

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