Rumble at the Airport - By Doctor Zhivago

"Announcing the arrival of Flight IC 844 from Mumbai. Passengers are requested to proceed to the security check, immigration and last to the baggage claim section, Thank you." The loudspeaker boomed at the Kathmandu International Airport. Immediately there was an excited hush as people thronged outside the arrival lounge hailing placards and bouquets. "We Love you Manisha!" said one. "Marry me!" said another.

Back in the plane, Manisha was getting uncontrollably excited. She was back home again. More than the homecoming, she was getting a devilish satisfaction that she was soon going to settle and old score with her arch rival and her bitterest enemy, Aishwarya Rai. The Nepali beauty had made no bones in hiding her displeasure for the model turned actress and at every opportunity had lambasted and criticized her in public. Soon both were involved in some kind of slanging match or other, making tons of gossip available for film media magazines. It was always Manisha who would provoke the attack. Ash was at that time too busy in her limelight after becoming Miss World so at first she dismissed Manisha's outbursts as rumours generated by the gossip mongers in the media, just for making some printing material. After all she had never said anything nasty face to face. But she knew that Manisha had some kind of dislike brewing inside against her. Soon enough the remarks became more and more unbearable and unprintable. The last straw came when the Nepali beauty publicly in an interview criticised Aishwarya as an actress saying that it would take many more years for Ash to become a real actress and that good looks do not merit for acting talent. She also said that it was because of persons like her that the film industry was slowly turning into a brothel with sluts of all shapes, sizes regardless of experience and fame coming to try their hand in the film industry. Ash on hearing this blew her top calling Manisha some unprintable expletives. She commented that Manisha was in no position to say such things as she did not have much talent and a background herself when she joined the industry and furthermore it was only because of her fathers connections was she able to make a foray into the industry. The stage was set for an epic catfight. Soon enough Ash cornered Manisha in a bar in some deserted suburb of Mumbai. Manisha was wearing a black bell bottom tight pant along with a black bikini top while Ash was wearing a silver coloured Bikini top along with a silver coloured tight fitting pant. Both were looking stunning especially Ash, who had come along with her friends that day and Manisha was all alone and furthermore the Bar was deserted. Ash attacked the drunk and unprepared Manisha with all she had. Manisha was in a sorry state being fully drunk and was in no state to defend herself.

"So you think I am not woman enough to be an actress eh!" shouted Ash at the top of her voice. Then as the startled Manisha opened her mouth to give a fitting reply, she received a tight slap on her cheek form a raging Aishwarya. Stunned, she stepped back unsteadily but tripped on her black bell bottom pant and fell down with a thump on her bum on the floor with full force, her hands on her cheek. Even though the buttocks had taken a lot of force of the fall, she was considerably heavy, the fall causing her a lot of discomfort. "Oouuwwwwwww" she exclaimed.
" Look at her. She cannot even stand!", Ash exclaimed to her friends who squealed with laughter."Nobody laughs at me!" said an angry Manisha slowly getting to her feel stung by the laughter and ridicule."Oh Really! I am going to do much more that that tonight which I promise will be nothing for you to laugh about!" retorted Ash, giving a 24 Karat smile irritating the Nepali even more.

" Nobody talks like that to me! I will teach you how to respect your colleagues.", said Manisha her face an ocean of anger. She swung her hand wildly at Ash in order to slap her but she swung wildly somewhere else instead. Ash easily caught her arm and all of a sudden rammed her right knee with full force into Manisha's groin. Manisha's face changed from anger to shock and then slowly to agony as she slumped down on her knees with her remaining free hand clutching her injured privates. Ash who was still holding her other hand gave a smirk of satisfaction. She reached out and pulled Manisha up by her hair, with Manisha wincing in agony and powerless to resist. She then pushed Manisha's head under her upper shoulder and her chest side just below her armpit, trapping her neck with a vice like grip under her shoulders. Then again after a signal from her friend she started ramming her knee full force into Manisha's midsection. Her friends had gathered all around her cheering and screaming and started taking counts of each blow.

"One …… Two……..Three ….!" Manisha's head was spinning. After every blow she was left gasping for air which she could not access thanks to her throat being blocked. Sooner or later, if this pounding continued, she knew that she would throw up. " Four…….. Five…….. Six ……Seven!"With each passing blow Ash felt even more and more powerful. Manisha's stomach was like a soft bag of dough which did not offer any resistance. "Seven……….Eight………Nine ………Ten!"At the count of Ten ash stopped mercifully for Manisha not because of her tiredness but in order to have a look at her subdued foe. "Had enough for Today?" she said sweetly. Manisha, slumped on the ground holding her belly tried to reply but spewed saliva instead.

"There there! Take it easy! Don't mess up such a fine dress!" remarked Ash. Ash then stomped on her belly as if it was a doormat. Manisha tried to scream but in vain. Her belly was beginning to go numb now. Ash then picked up the sprawled Manisha by her hair and pulled her towards the table. Then she banged her head on the table in full force causing the nearby glasses to fall off shattering in a million pieces. Manisha was stunned and began seeing two of things. As she was staggering Ash came up to her and said coolly, "This will teach you to make comments on other persons." Saying so she raised both her arms and caught Manisha's shoulders and pulled her such that she would be face to face with her. Then she again kneed Manisha in the groin with full force. Manisha dropped to her knees in agony bending over her stomach and started to vomit.

" Did I hurt you?" asked Ash innocently. Ash then prepared to attack more but her friends stopped her in time pulling back the enraged beauty seeing the bad state of Manisha and after a lot of heckling and taunting the downed foe they persuaded her to leave. As a parting shot Ash gave Manisha a full forced kick to both her breasts, two kicks each. Then she lifted Manisha up by her face and whispered "Next time you talk trash about me, even the devil will be compelled to be kind to you" and for the road kicked Manisha's crotch yet again and dropped her face on her own vomit leaving her there writhing in agony. Ash walked off pompously and had a party that night with all her fiends who had accompanied her.

Manisha, as she was lying there swore softly to her self that one day, even if it took her a whole life time, she would get even with that bitch. "Dekhloongi us Kutiya ko!" she muttered. As her luck would have it she was presented with an opportunity some months later. She was asked to accompany Ash as a part of trip of a solidarity and charity mission to Nepal. She jumped at the opportunity of seeing her hometown and also of getting even in the best way possible with Aishwarya along with interest. So, when the plane touched down at Kathmadu international airport, Manisha was smiling with glee of returning back home and revenge. "Ab aayega asli mazaa" she thought about the fate she had in store for Ash as the stewardess opened the door for the passengers to disembark the plane.

To be continued ………

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