Real Catfight - By Alka

This is a real catfight I had witnessed. My name is Alka and on my floor live two beautiful girls Salma Khan and Amrita kaur. They both are extremely beautiful and just to give an idea to the readers on the looks of these girls, Salma resembles to Mamta Kulkarni and Amrita resembles to Poonam Dhillon. The difference is the massive size of the Boobs of these girls. They both have bigboobs. Salma I can say is slightly bigger. They have been always wearing bra a size smaller than required, as their size is normally not available. They wear 38C while actually they need over 40C.

We three were extremely good friends until, Salma once saw her handsome cousin Imran whom she liked, kissing Amrita on the building terrace. There was a hatred created between Amrita and Salma since then and a cold war had begun.

One day when there was no one in my house both had come as usual and being neighbours, Amrita came wearing a nighty while salma had a cotton pyjama and a cotton loose top.
We were discussing kiss scenes in movies and Salma remarked Amrita has experience in Kissing. This enraged Amrita and she said Talk straight, you can also be experienced who knows, its only because you have seen me Salma replied, Im not a whore like you.

This was it; Amrita in anger came to Salma and slapped her, Salma stunned after a second slapped her back real hard. I intervened but they told me not to interfere, its between them. Amrita tried to then catch Salmas neck but she backed and Amritas hand got stuck on the neck of Salmas top and as she backed her top ripped completely from the front. Exposing her white bra and bulging breasts in it. Though we are close friends but have never seen each other naked. Salma was shocked and immediately faced the wall covering her boobs with both her hands. But amrita was too angry and while salma stood facing the wall, amrita went and tore the remaining back portion of her top making her stand in a bra. Salma did not know what to do and being a shy kind, stood there still. Amrita was not finished yet and pulled her pyjamas down exposing the bikini panty, which was not covering her bum. Salma had tears rolling down and said please dont do this,salma tried to run from there but pyjamas in her legs made her fall to the ground. She fell and her huge boobs came out of her Bra, she was completely naked now, we had never seen her naked and her boobs were something to watch. Suddenly salma got up and punched amrita in her stomach, with a swift action she swung her arm and hit amrita on her face, amrita cried aloud and salma caught the top of her nighty and tore it from top to bottom, exposing her black bra and she was without a panty.

Amrita did not expect this and was stunned, salma-making use of her shock pulled her bra and now two most beautiful girls stood naked their massive boobs facing each other. There was no attempt to cover their bodies. They again leaped at each other and in a bare hug rolled over the floor.

Their boobs were shaking on every step they took; salma coming on top of amrita dug her nails into amritas boobs. She then punched continuously both her bare breasts. With her hands free amrita tried scratching salmas boobs but this time she could only manage to hold them for a moment. Salma stood up and kicked amritas stomach and stepped on her breasts making her cry with pain. She then took amritas hair and hit her head against the bed, amrita was crying and said leave me salma please I beg of you salma then moved away from her leaving her crying naked on the floor.

She then asked me to give her a dress, which she could wear and go home, with a last dirty look at crying amrita, salma left the room.

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