Rani v/s Preity - By Madone

Rani and Preity had worked to gethr in Har Dil Jo Pyaar Karenga. They had got along well and had become very ood freinds. One night after the party Preity invited Rani to her house for a cup of coffee. While having coffee Preity was just going through sites when she ran through a bollywood catfight site. Curiously she went through it and saw a fantasy match between Rani and herself. She frowned as the results showed Rani had won. She turned to wards her and said, "Well this could only happen in fantasy match. Otherwise i could easily screw ur ass." "Oh yeah i think its you who's going to end up a beaten ass." Rani replied. "Oh you little bitch why dont we find it out right here."Preity snorted angrily. "I am ready but you will be sorry for it you cheap whore."Rani said with rage".

They stood in the center of the room facing each other. Preity wore a robe while Rani was in her saree. Preity was taller and bigger and it looked like she would finish Rani in few minutes. Both of them lunged at each other and locked hands. They tried to push each other backwards swearing obscenities at each other. Preity owing to her superior strenght pushed Rani back to the wall.But Rani suddenly slamed her knee fiercely in Preity's abdomen. Preity bent in pain suprised by the sudden attack. Rani caught her by hair and slamed her head on the wall. She tore her dress and Preity's naked breast swayed freely. Fumed by the humiliation Preity slamed her knee with full force in Rani's crotch. She throwed her to the ground and ripped of her blouse and bra and went for the saree. Rani tried to prevent but is received with a solid kick in the saide. Preity then picked her up by hair and leds stinging slaps to her face. She jumped on Rani throwing her down to the ground.

It looked as if Preity was in full control of her rival and would finish her in few minutes. But Rani gave a sudden stunning blow on Preity's face. It banged right on nose resulting in sputter of blood. Preity yelped in pain.Rani got hold of her naked breast and started mauling. She rolled her on her back and continued mauling. Preity seemed helpless at this. She moved her legs to Rani's side and straddled her in deadly siccosrs. Rani Screamed with pain. "Scream you bitch, Scream. I am going to cut you into two."Preity shouted at her. Rani was unable to to bear the pain from Preity's siccsors. She had to do something desperately before Preity could finish her. Her hand went into Preity's panties and she grabed her bush fiercely. Preity yelled in pain. "Leave me slut or i am going to yank ur cunt , you whore" Rani Yelled at her. Preity eased her siccsors due to pain. Rani pounced her and delivered fierce blows to her face. Preity's mouth was flooded with blood. Rani then got up and planted a solid kick in her crocth. "Ouch" Preity screamed. 1,2,another Rani continued to kick.

But Preity caugt her leg and pulled it. uprised by the sudden attack Rani fell down with a thud. Preity pounced on her. She caught her by the hair and banged her on the ground several times. Rani treied to shake her away but Preity gave a blow on her mouth. Blood started to drip from the cut. Preity picked up Rani and banged her on the wall. She threw a blow at Rani's face but Rani blocked it in half way and returned with a powerful punch to her breasts followed with a backhanded slap.

She pounced on her and both rolled over each other exchanging slaps. Their cheek reddened and had the imprints of the hands. They stood up pulling at each others hair. Preity's power to fight was coming to an end. But she punched Rani in stomach. rani bent with pain but came with a sharp uppercut to Preity's jaw. Preity was stunned by the stinging blow. Sensing the advantage Rani launched her attack on Preitys breast mauling and punching them.

Preity tried to cover her breast. She was sobbing and was trying to protect herself from Rani's vicious attack. Rani grabbed her down by the hair and rammed her knee viciously into her face. She then gave a powerful kick to Preity's crotch. preity gasped and fell to the ground. rani was on top of her in no time and launched herself again on preity's battered breast and crotch. "No, Dont, Please let me go." Preity wailed in pain. But Rani ignoring it continued her attack and firing obscenities at her. "Oww, please Rani Let e go we are freinds." Preity screamed n pain. "Fuck you bitch" Rani shouted and slapped her cheek. "Tell me who's the better women. Tell me who's the top bitch?" Rani asked pinching preity's breast." Owww, you are Rani you are."Preity yelped in pain.

Rani got up from her and took a dress from Preity's wardrobe. "I am taking the dress bitch as you have messed with my clothes.By the way if youwant a rematch call me anytime. But I promise you that you will end up the same way you big fat rand." She dropped Preity on the sofa and left whistling leaving Preity sobbing on the sofa.

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