One of My Favorites! - By Khajur

Meenakshi Seshadri, the "Hero" girl, glanced at the other end of the ring where stood another beauty - Richa Sharma - taller, bustier, sexier and more confident than the ex-Miss India Meenakshi. It was early 1986. Except Anita Raj, who'd beaten the stuffing out of her, Meenakshi had won every other match - with the "younger crop" that is! Her "Joshilay" drubbing at the hands of mighty Sridevi did not count as that was a "personal" encounter.

Meenakshi stared at Richa. Richa was two bra sizes bigger, with more muscular but equally thick thighs. Both girls, in their bikinis, stood with feet slightly apart, arms wrapped around their chests, awaiting the referee's whistle. Richa was a newcomer, with "Hum Naujawan" to her credit, and was known as the "NRI" actress.

On the whistle, Meenakshi was the first to move, walking towards her foe, her arms raised and her hands twitching to grasp Richa's hair.

Richa's eyes showed confidence, and she stood her ground, raising her arms with her fingers twitching in mid-air.

On contact, Meenakshi howled in pain. While she'd grabbed Richa's hair, Richa punched Meenakshi square in her belly, eliciting a "whoosh" and then "Ui Maa!" as another punch found its way "down under".

Meenakshi let go of Richa's hair and backed up two steps, which was the room Richa needed to connect two tight slaps, one on each cheek, to Meenakshi.

"Aieeee!" cried out Meenakshi, as the newcomer's slaps hit with full force on Meenakshi's cheeks! Meenakshi kicked, her kicks catching Richa's shins, making Richa bend a little and back away. But not for long!

Meenakshi made the mistake of locking her fingers into Richa's in a test of strength.
Richa applied pressure, her forearms bulging, and Meenakshi slowly found her fingers getting crushed and her strength draining to cope with Richa's.

"Uiii! Oh Maa! Please!!" Meenakshi wailed out loud as Richa bent Meenakshi's wrists down with her hands, the pressure making Meenakshi's right knee buckle onto the floor. Richa freed her right hand and catching Meenakshi's both hands with her left, landed sound slaps across Meenakshi's face. Her face turning left to right and right to left from the impact of these loud, sound slaps, Meenakshi was in pain and was crying openly now, hoping for the ref to stop the massacre.

Richa caught Meenakshi's head with both her hands, pulled it down, and clasped her thighs around Meenakshi's ears.

Meenakshi tried to rise, but was still bent from her back into Richa's legs, with her feet trying to move out and free herself.

All in vain. 'cause Richa, with Meenakshi's face firmly between her massive thighs, spun Meenakshi around like a rag doll. Richa's right hand raised and plunged into tight spanks on Meenakshi's exposed rear end as Richa spin Meenakshi around in circles.

"Uiii! Aieee! Oh! Please Richa! Have Mercy! Stoooooop! Pleeeeease! Oh GOD!" Meenakshi could only wail on top of her voice, her buttocks getting warmer from Richa's spanks, and the thin cotton pantie doing little to conceal the force.

Richa now lifted her left arm and crashed her elbow into Meenakshi's middle of the back, which raised Meenakshi's wails into squeals of pain and torture, with sobs appearing regularly..... Meenakshi had had enough and was wailing "Sorry! Stop!' Oh please STOP IT!!!

Aieee Maaaa!"

Richa finally stopped. She eased Meenakshi's head out of her thighs, and pulling her beaten and crying foe by her hair, pulled Meenakshi to full height. Meenakshi, fearing the worst, tried to cover her face with her hands.

Cracks sounded in the air as Richa's slaps found home in Meenakshi's sides of the backs, eliciting maons of surrender from the overwhelmed and beaten Meenakshi.

"If you EVER DARE to even look at Sanjay Dutt, spare alone starring together in a movie, I will beat you worse, IN PUBLIC!"

Meenakshi was stunned! All she'd done was sign "Inaam Dus Hazaar" with Sunju, whom she did have a crush on, but hadnt acted fresh with him yet.

Richa's right hand pulled Meenakshi's panties down, with Richa's left hand yanking on Meenakshi's bush.

Squeals of pain and cries of mercy later, Meenakshi fell down on Richa's feet, kissing them and begging to be let go.

Richa was tired - of beating this girl who was now kissing her feet in full view of other fighters....Richa let go of Meenakshi finally, and climbed out of the ring.

Meenakshi remained laid out for a while after Richa left, and then slowly raised herself up. Pulling her panties up, she ran out of the ring in shame - Richa had done to Meenakshi in public, what even Neetu hadn't done to Dimple in private!!

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