Not A Chance Encounter - By FanMan

It was late in the day and Pooja was getting ready to go home. A woman walked by her office door and Pooja looked twice before realizing who the woman was and why she looked familier. She looked a lot like Gretchen. Of course she ought to, she was Gretchens cousin. Well a second cousin actually. Pooja had discovered the relationship by accident and had kept an eye on the woman ever since.

A year ago Pooja had gotten into a fight with Gretchen. Poojas job had brought her to South America from India and she had only been in country for a short while when her son was born. A month or so after she had finally recovered her body and figure after the birth of her son, she had literally run into the blond bitch Gretchen at a grorcery store. The two had never met, but the class and race hatred they displayed to each other quickly became a personal hatred and they ended up in a catfight at Gretchens ranch. Though it was close, Pooja ended up milking Gretchen dry (her baby was about a month older than Poojas), sucking blood from her nipples and destroying her tits, then taking her nipples off with a cigar snipper. Pooja even reamed her pussy and asshole with a dildo.

Pooja day dreamed as she sat in her office. She squirmed a little, rubbing herself in her chair as she remembered what it was like to destroy the blond bitch, fuck her with the dildo, and make the cunt eat Poojas pussy. Realizing what she was doing, Pooja rose quickly and prepared to leave. The sooner she got home the quicker she could finish this daydream.

As she left her office, Pooja saw the President of the company escorting someone to the elevators. It looked like Antonio was finishing an interview. All Pooja could see was that it was a woman, about her own size and shape, dark hair and skin. Then the two stopped in front of the elevators and the woman turned to shake Antonios hand. Pooja could now see that the woman was quite busty, almost as large as Pooja herself, had a fairly trim waist and full hips. Pooyas breath stopped when she looked at the other womans face. The world took on a red haze and everything else was blotted out as she stared at the womans silouette. It couldnt be. What the hell was Antonio thinking to even give a woman like that an interview?

As the elevator door closed, Pooja moved to intercept the company President as he made his way back to his office. The two meet at his office door.

Antonio, who was that?

Hhhmmm? Oh, that was a new employee. Shell be working for Juan in marketing. Ill introduce you to her tomorrow.

Dont bother. I wont be having anything to do with her.

What? Why? Whats the matter Pooja? Do you know her? Antonio was agast. Pooja was his best manager and he didnt want to do anything to upset her. But the contract with the new employee was signed, he had already paid to have her move here and he couldnt back out now, even if he wanted to.

Never met her before in my life and I never want to. How the hell could you hire a woman like that?

What are you talking about? I thought youd be pleased. She comes from the same part of the world as you. I thought you two might have something in common. I even thought you might become friends.

FRIENDS? WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY? Antonio do you know where Im from?

Yeah. India. So what? Shes from right near there.

You idiot. Shes from Pakistan isnt she?

Yeah. Like I said right next door.

Antonio you need to study world history a little. Her people and mine have been virtually at war for hundreds of years. Plus, Ill bet you the little slut is moslem, isnt she. Yeah, I thought so. Well you keep the bitch away from me. Far away. With that Pooja stalked out.

Over the next several weeks Pooja saw nothing of the new employee. She didnt know where they had stuck her, but it was away from Pooja and that was fine with her. Finally the day came when Pooja saw the woman going into Antonios office with Juan. Pooja went into her own office and shut the door. She didnt give it another thought.

Her secretary called and told her she was going out for lunch around 12:30, asking Pooja if she wanted anything. Pooja said no. Then around 12:45 her door opened with out a knock. Pooja looked up, irritated that someone would burst into her office without knocking. Even Antonio didnt do that. The person she saw made her even more irritated.

So youre the hindu bitch that got me exiled before I even joined the company. I should have known to check the company roster before signing the contract. Where the fuck do you get off bitching me with the boss.

Well, well, well. Our own little moslem terrorist. How the hell did you even get out of that savage country of yours anyway? I didnt think any civilized nation was taking your kind, you poppy eatter. You must have lied like alike a well like a Pakistani to get this job.

The two stood glaring at each other. Finally the Pakistani backed out of the office and left.

Antonio entered a few minutes later. I see you met Rifat? How did it go?

Oh, just fine Antonio. Shes still alive, so I guess were ok so far. Get out of here.

Everything moved along smoothly till the faithfull day two weeks later. It was late. Very late. Pooja was working on a presentation that had to be ready for Monday. Rather than come in on Saturday, she decided to finish it on Friday night. It was almost ten when she wrapped up and headed for the elevator. She pushed to button but she could hear that it was already on the way down. The doors opened and there stood Rifat.

Get off you Paki slut. I wont ride with the likes of you.

Fine with me. Take the next one. Rifat reached for the buttons to close the door and continue on her way.

Pooja put her hand in the door, holding it open. No bitch. I said get off. NOW. Ill take this one, you wait for the next.

I dont take orders from hindu sluts with an over rated opinion of their own importance.
Oh yes you do bitch. Pooja reached into the elevator, grabed Rifat and yanked her off the elevator, sending her crashing into a cubicle divider. Pooja turned and made to stride onto the elevator. Rifat sprang up, grabbed her hair and threw her back into the same cubicle divider. The doors on the elevator closed.

The two stood staring daggers at each other. With out saying a word , Rifat backed up, kicked her shoes off and put her hands out, fingers clawed. Pooja immediately copyed her. The two circled then dove at each other, sinking their claws into each others scalp.

The area in front of the bank of elevators was fairly large and completely clear, giving them a good area to fight in. With hands wrapped in each others hair, the two swirled across the open area, four or five steps, to smash into another cubicle divider. They crashed to the floor and rolled across it still yanking hair, screaming and yelling at each other, heads being jerked from side to side. With a particulary savage yank, Rifat pulled Poojas head back painfully, twisting her neck and exposing her face. Rifat unloaded three viscous slaps to Poojas face, stinging her cheeks and bouncing her head off the floor. Dazed, Pooja barely resisted as Rifat slung her onto her back then dropped her knee into Poojas belly.

Poojas air wooshed out as she tried to squirm away, only to be dragged back by Rifats hand hold in her hair. Rifat slapped again, then punched into Poojas chest. Still partly dazed, Pooja reached up at the woman looming menacingly over her, grabbed the front of Rifats blouse and ripped it open to the waist. With out hesitation, Pooja grabbed the cups of the exposed bra, squeezed and pulled to the side. Rifat screamed and rolled with the pull, slinging off to the side and hitting the floor with a thud. Pooja continued to crush the paki sluts tits as Rifat ripped and pulled at Poojas shirt. Poojas shirt opened, then ripped down the side as Pooja released one boob and torn at Rifats blouse in turn.

In short order, both womens shirts were gone and they started on each others bras. Rifats went first but Poojas shortly followed. Now they filled their hands with each others magnificient melons. They pulled each other up to their knees by their breasts, screaming as each squeezed and twisted the tit flesh in their hands. They pulled each other from side to side, stretching each others breasts painfully. They kept if up for a couple of minutes, both in agony, but neither willing to back down. But Pooja had done this before, she had more experience with this kind of fighting. She pulled up sharply then yanked Rifats tits down as violently as she could.

Rifat screamed and pitched forward to follow the tit pull down, but she hit Pooja. Leaning into Pooja, tits hanging down, Rifat screamed as Pooja continued to pull down as hard as she could on Rifats ta-tas. Rifats hands had released Poojas own globes and went to Poojas wrists, but pain made her weak and her efforts to get Poojas hand off her hangers were without success.
Pooja pushed her left hand up while continuing to pull down with her right, crushing the breast in her left hand into Rifats chest, while stretching the one in her right hand as far and painfully as possible. Then pulling down with the left she pushed up with her right. Like she was milking a cow, Pooja pulled down and pushed up on the tits in her hands, crushing and stretching the breast flesh excrutiatingly. Over and over, up, down, crush, pull, Pooja punished and tortured the plucky paki.

Rifat was crying and screaming, huge tears running down Poojas chest where Rifats head leaned into her. Rifat had long since stopped pulling on Poojas wrists. Her hands pounded on Poojas upper chest then had gone to Poojas shoulders, feebly pushing to try to free her self. Then her arms just lost all strength and hung limply down, bouncing as Pooja yanked and crushed her breast meat. Rifat tried to bite into Poojas own tits, but couldnt get her teeth into Poojas big melons.

Give it up cunt! Admit Im the better woman, that all hindu women are better than any Paki slut and maybe Ill let you keep your tits. SAY IT BITCH! TELL ME IM A BETTER WOMAN!

When Pooja heard Rifats answer, she dug her nails into both breasts, then sliced down leaving long bloody gouges in the Pakis dark meat. When Pooja got to the aureolas, she circled each nipple with her nails then pushed up, digging in and twisting round and round, cutting and slicing the tit flesh, ripping in, trying to tear away the nipples.

Rifats arms still hung down limply and she desperately punched into Poojas belly, but with little effect. Rifat could feel the cunts nails cutting into her aureolas. She was going to be nippleless shortly if she didnt do something. She continued to punch into Poojas belly but it felt like she was hitting armor. With her last punch she left her hand pressing against Poojas solid abs then suddenly slid her hand down, under the waist band of Poojas skirt and into her panties. Rifats hand closed around the indian bitches womanhood and she squeezed.

Pooja gasped as she felt Rifats hand slid into her panties then screamed as it closed on her pussy. She pulled up savagely on both of Rifats boobs, crushing them into her chest and digging Poojas nails even further into the meat. It became a tug of war between Poojas crushing hold on Rifats tits and Rifats grip on Poojas cunt.

Rifat lost. Weakened by pain, her hand slid up and out of Poojas panties. Pooja slung the bitch to the side by her tits and rubbed her crotch. Crying and sobbing, Rifat crawled slowly away, no place special in mind, just trying to get away from the crazy hindu bitch behind her. Satisfied that her pussy had sustained no permanent damage, Pooja went after the cunt on her knees. She grabbed the sluts skirt and pulled. Instead of pulling the Paki bitch back into Poojas clutches, the skirt ripped and Pooja walked her hands up it to rip and tear at the clothes remaining on Rifat.

Skirt gone, Pooja pulled back on Rifats legs till the bitch was laying next to Pooja. Pooja pounded down on the already mangled moslem, hitting her in the belly, tits and face. When Pooja got the bitch to the point where she was dazed and groggy, barely defending herself, Pooja rolled her over onto her back and slammed a punch into Rifats exposed crotch.

With a scream Rifat tried to curl up around her devestated pussy. Pooja pulled her back by her breast, laid her out and hit her again. This time Rifat couldnt even curl up. The pain was too much. She just laid there, her body spasming. Lacking the reaction she expected, Pooja hit her again, harder. The crunch of her fist connecting with Rifats pussy, crushing her vulva and clit was very audible and Rifat wailed more from the sound then the pain. By this time her pussy was partially numb. Pooja grabbed Rifats bikini panties and pulled savagely up, sawing the material into Rifats cunt. Rifat gasped then wailed, screaming about her pussy being cut in two and her clit being crushed. Pooja stood up, lifting Rifats ass off the floor and sending her into a tremendous bridge. Higher and higher Pooja lifted the pain wracked woman, till finally Rifats feet left the floor, and for two or three seconds, the moslem woman was suspended on her shoulders only, Pooja bouncing her by the panties till they ripped away.

Rifat hit the floor hard, driving the air from her and injuring her back. One hand to her back, and the other at her pussy, Rifat rolled and withered on the floor, wailing and sobbing, crying at the pain. Pooja kicked into her face, laid her out on her back, stepped over her, reached down and set her nails into Rifats tits. Pooja pulled up and lifted Rifats shoulders off the floor, suspending her by her tits. Rifat was done. Her arms were splayed back and her head lolled from side to side and she wailed and cried.

Well bitch? WANT SOME MORE?

No..noplease God.please Allahno moreno are the s..s..superior woman. I submit. Please stop.

Dropping the beaten bitch, Pooja stood straight and pulled away her own skirt. Rifat laid on her back, rubbing her tortured tits and looking up at the victorious hindu.
What are doing?

You are a stupid bitch, arent you? remarked Pooja as she took off her panties. Straddling Rifat and facing her feet, Pooja knelt atop the other woman, then sat back on her heels, putting her pussy over Rifats mouth. Gripping Rifats tits she squeezed.

If you dont make me orgasm in the next five minutes, Im going to rip off one of your nipples. Then you will have another five minutes before I take the other one. After that you will have your last five minutes before I rip out your clit. Now get uh...uh...uh...ohohoh yes, yes, yes. Pooja exploded with pleasure as Rifats tongue ran up into Poojas pussy, over her vulva and into her vagina. When she tickled Poojas clit, a shiver ran up her spine. It was like an educated snake as it withered and squirmed, licking and tickling inside Poojas cunt. Rifats lips pressed against Pooja, kissing, sucking and blowing across Poojas pussy. Pooja had never been eaten like this before. The womans mouth was amazing. In something under three minutes Poojas body was wracked by a tremendous orgasm.

Pooja stood and pulled Rifat to her knees by her hair.

You are very good with your mouth bitch.

Head sunk to her ample chest and eyes on the floor, Rifat obviously knew how to be subservient. Yes, mistress.

Do you wish to continue working here?

Yes mistress.

Very well. Get your belongings and be at my appartment tonight before midnight.

Yes mistress.

Looking evilly at Rifat, Pooja said Ive always wanted a slave.

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