The Ladies Room - By Shakti

It was an extremely hot day in the middle of nowhere. The diner in which our tale begins was a fairly small establishment and was staffed solely by an elderly lady who appeared to be in a semi comatose state. This senior citizen communicated only in grunts while dealing with her (admitedly small) clientele. At the moment this consisted of two ladies who appeared to be in their late thirties gulping down the unhealthy fry up that was the common fare at this restaurant. The two were seated seperately from each other and apart from them and the aforementioned elderly woman the diner was deserted. The first of these two ladies was an Indian woman named Isha. The second was a red head named Ginny.

Ginny was annoyed. She had thought that driving to the business conference would have been a piece of cake but she had taken a wrong turning somewhere and had ended up completely lost. It was now 11.30 am and the conference had started at 11am. When trying to call ahead Ginny had discovered her cell phones batteries had run out and she had spotted the out of order sign on the diners pay phone. Oh well she thought exasperatedly as she finished off the last of her food. At least I can get a cup of coffee here, and she rose and strode towards the counter intending to do just that.

Unfortunately Isha had settled on the same idea and Ginny bumped into her when she was returning from just such an errand with a cup of coffe clasped in her hand. The inevitable collision occured and dark liquid sprayed over the attire of both women. Though each had leapt back and thus avoided most of the deluge they had both been hit by some of it. Understandably neither woman was amused by the situation. "Clumsy cow" said Ginny as she checked herself over. "Me? You're the bitch who should watch where she's going. Where the fuck are the toilets around here?" responded Isha snappily tieing together a rebuke to Ginny with a sensible question. The old woman pointed with one palsied hand to a small building to the side of the diner, and Isha walked towards it. After a brief pause Ginny followed her and the old woman slipped back into her semi coma.

Ginny left the diner and walked rapidly towards the building that Isha had just entered. As she walked indignation filled her as she seethed at the insult given to her in the diner. The ignorant fool had barged into her and than had the audacity to call her a Bitch! Well that bitch was just about to learn a valuable lesson about keeping her mouth shut, thought the furious red head. She pushed aside the door to the ladies room and found a quite pleasant spacious room. There were three stalls and opposite them 3 sinks with mirrors. There was no filth and in comparison to most other public toilets this was a gem. Isha was standing in front of one of the mirrors inspecting herself, her jacket and purse on the floor beside her. She glanced over when she saw Ginny enter but than turned back to her own reflection. You're not gonna want to do that when I'm done with you, thought the redhead grimly.
Ginny closed the door and seeing an inside lock on the top reached up and fastened it. Than she took off her jacket and placed it carefully on the floor with her purse next to it. In a strident tone that was the modern feminine equivalent of a gauntlet in the face, the red head heatedly said "Fucking slut are you going to apologise now for swearing at me or am I going to have to beat an apology out of you?" Isha turned to face Ginny and rage mottled her face at the red heads words. She responded with the faintest hint of an indian accent in her words, "All I did was call you a bitch and from your behaviour here that is a title that you richly deserve. If you came here looking for trouble be warned Bitch! You're gonna find that you've bitten off a lot more than you can chew!" With those words the die was cast. Battle would soon be joined by these two proud women and soon one would be triumphant while the other would be cowering at the victors feet.

Each woman stopped to gaze at the other analysing each other with their agate gazes and trying to gauge out possible areas of weakness. Though they were no longer aflush with the glow of youth both of these older women were still attractive and could turn heads if they had a mind to. Ginny was 5"9 with a medium build and a large bosom. Her red hair was cut short, reaching down no further than her shoulders. She had on a dark knee length skirt a white shirt and flesh coloured pantyhose. Her height was boosted (though her balance was hindered) by the 2 inch heels she was wearing. Isha was 5"9 as well with a bosom as big as that of her foe and she had a slimmer figure. Her lustrous black hair fell mid way down her back like an ebon waterfall. The Indian was wearing a blue knee length skirt, white shirt and 2 inch heels. The similarities in their attire almost made it appear as if they were dressed in battle uniform. In a way they were for wasn't the skirt the heels and the rest almost obligatory attire for a catfight? Both women were veterans of female combat with a number of battles under their belts. Each had suffered defeats and celebrated victories and each realized that here there was an adversary to be reckoned with.
With hands outstreched they stepped towards each other and combat began! Ginny grabbed for Ishas thick black hair and Isha responded likewise and soon they were staggering around the ladies room precariously on their heels while engaged in a fierce hair pulling contest. White hands tugged and tore away strands of black hair and brown hands ripped away strands of red hair as the two older women battled away their breathing already laboured emphasising how both were not in great physical condition. As this continued Ginny released her right hand and scratched at Ishas cheek causing the asian to momentarily flinch back in pain. The red head sensed an advantage and eagerly pressed on with her assault.

"Filthy cunt" mouthed Ginny as she struck out with a firece righthand slap that connected hard with Isha's cheek swinging her head back. The Indian responded with a slap of her own that left Ginny's cheek as red as her hair. Ginny than released her hold on Isha's hair and instead dug in deeper into her face and began clawing into it with her nails. Isha did the same and now the 2 ladies were crying from the pain being inflicted on their faces, which were soon criss crossed with lines of crimson. Isha suddenly yelped and momentarily reduced the fervour of her attack as Ginny kicked her on the shin and the red head than went for a punch to the face that splattered the indian's nose sending fluid everywhere.

Isha fell to her knees in pain and Ginny was not slow to take advantage unleashing a kick to her gut that sent her flying. As her foe lay moaning in pain Ginny assuredly bent down and ripped away her shirt and than her skirt leaving her asian adversary clad in only her white bra, white panties and heels. Ginny than took a rough two handed grip of Ishas mane of raven hair and wrenched her up to her feet with it confident that her foe was beaten. She was disabused of that notion when Isha gave her a powerful punch to her gut that left her gasping. The surprised redhead fell back but the angry indian pulled her towards her and said "White bitch how do you like this?" before delivering two hard knee lifts to her tummy. Than she rammed Ginny head first into the ladies room wall opening up a gash above her eyebrow.

Isha thrust her dazed foe reeling onto the floor and than she tore off her shirt and skirt in revenge for the striping she'd undergone. Ginny used this interim to regain her focus and as Isha moved forwards the red head swept her off her feet with one shapely hose covered leg and sent her tumbling to the floor. Unfortunately for Ginny as Isha fell she caught Ginny on the side of her head with a flailing elbow that left her in agony. The 2 fighters lay next to each other on the floor of the ladies recuperating from the damage they had received so far. Each realized in their woozy pain filled minds that whoever recovered first would find her foe in a vulnerable state. Thus both were anxiously trying to recover and renew their assault.

Both managed to recover their equilibrium at about the same time and each had the same intentions. They hurridly got onto their knees, turned towards the other woman and than both Ginny and Isha proceeded to tear off each others bras as they clambered to their feet. Now both sets of breasts were open to attack, Ishas dark boobs with their erect brown nipples and Ginny's paler pair with their equally erect pink nipples. Ginny immediately went for Isha's darker assets and began crushing, squeezing and scratching at the indian ladies breasts. Isha wailed out at this assault as her mature mammaries were mercilessly mauled and she strove to pull away Ginnys hands from her breasts screaming "Let go you fucking dyke!" Ginny's blood curdled at this insult and she began viciously scratching the nipple area of Isha yelling "Take this you foreign fuck!" Isha than began to respond in kind and soon the 2 ladies were staggering around the ladies room engaged in a tit mauling battle that soon left both bare bosoms bruised and bloody.

With the head start she had Ginny began to use her experience to hurt and twist the asian mammaries increasingly more painfully and Isha began to weaken. Ginny sensing her advantage pressed forward forcing Isha back against the wall and than she said with an air of menace "Here's some good old fashioned American hospitality!" With that she gave her faltering foe two powerful knees to the groin that completely stopped any offensive action by Isha leaving her concentrating merely on her own pain.

Grabbing her asian adversary by her dark locks Ginny than maliciously smashed her face first into one of the wall mirrors atop one of the sinks, cracking the glass and opening up a gash on the side on her forehead. As crimson spilled down into the sink the vengeful red head gave Isha another knee to the groin and than let her collapse onto the floor. "Brown bitch lets see how you like this!" Than Ginny positioned herself on the floor behind Isha and trapped her breasts in a leg scissor hold. Than the American began applying pressure onto the entrapped breasts of her asian adversary as Isha struggled in vain to break the viselike grip of the panty hose covered pythons that were tormenting her.

Dark breasts were being crushed by Ginny's powerful scissor hold and the pain in Isha's bosom was increasing second by second. She clawed at Ginny's legs ripping her panty hose to shreds as well as scratching bloody furrows across them but still Ginny maintained her hold. Fear gave Isha impetus as she thought in horror of what her breasts would look like if Ginny maintained her hold and with a tremendous effort she pushed Ginny's legs down away from her bosom so that they were around her waist. Exhausted from the effort the Indian lady only managed a moan of despair as the dominating red head crossed her legs entrapping her stomach in a new scissor hold.

Squeeze, squeeze squeeze was what Ginny was doing to Isha trying to knock both the fight and the breath out of her. Than Ginny leant forward while keeping her scissor hold on and she yanked Isha's head back sharply with a tug on her hair and maliciously mouthed into her ear "You're beaten you brown bitch. I'm gonna teach you not to mess with an American you fucking low class foreign whore! When I'm through with you you're gonna wish you never left your own bloody country, and they're gonna have to send you back in a goddamn wheelchair!" With that Ginny spat in Isha's face and she released her scissor hold letting the indian lady slump forward.

Isha lay down on the floor and gave a grunt as Ginny gave her a knee on her stomach. Than the red head sat down heavily on Isha's stomach pushing out what air remained in her lungs. "Now I'm gonna really humiliate you coloured cunt!" With that Ginny tore off Isha's panties unveiling her silky black pubes and exposing her dark pink pussy lips and her indian love nest. "Please no" whimpered Isha, Ginny merely grinned and than she pulled hard at the dark pubes causing Isha to yell out loud in pain and agony as well as having some of her silky thatch ripped off by Ginny's grasping hands. Worse was yet to come though Ginny straightened the middle finger of her right hand and than jabbed it straight into the dark pussy in front of her. Isha yelled and began crying piteously as her womanhood was being violated, Ginny grinned malevolently and added a second finger, than she started to move the 2 around inside Isha trying to humiliate and crush her spirit.

Soon Isha began gasping from Ginny's exertions and than she gave one loud gasp. The red head turned around to face Isha ready to deliver the coup de grace. However the interval that had passed had allowed Isha to recover, she could not do anything whilst the red head was firmly planted on her stomach but when she turned she was momentarily unbalanced and the asian took full advantage. She pushed hard sending Ginny sprawling on her back with her legs in the air. Than as quick as lightning Isha tore off Ginny's panties and gave her 3 hard knees to the pussy. The red head yelled in agony and her body began to go into spasms after an additional knee to the crotch. Than Isha dragged Ginny to her feet by her hair intent on exacting vengeance for her humiliation and a fire in her belly that was fuelled by the pain in her pussy.
Smack! A fist to the face sent the red head flying backwards and a fierce kick to the gut doubled her over. There was a slight pause and than her knees buckled and she collapsed to the floor. "White whore I'll teach you to mess with me" said Isha as she strode menacingly forward to her downed adversary. Ginny knew she had to do something to try and regain the initiative and as Isha stalked towards her the american suddenly reached out with her hands and grabbed both her legs yanking at them. With a startled yelp Isha fell and hit the floor with a thud.

The white woman clambered towards her foe and sensing victory pressed her bosom over Isha's face pressing the titflesh down in an attempted breast smother. Isha tried to breathe but found her air flow cut off by her foes bosom so desperate to avoid defeat she opened her mouth and bit down hard on the pale white titflesh of her enemy. Ginny yelled in shock and horror and immediately rolled off her foe. Looking down at her right breast she saw with horror blood oozing out of the bite marks left by Isha. "Fucking animal you want to bite well I got teeth too!"
With that Ginny clambered towards Isha and grabbed hold of a dark globe of titflesh biting down on it with relish. Isha screamed but responded likewise and now the 2 women appeared to have descended to the level of beasts. Each was biting and scratching each other wherever possible and soon both beautiful bodies were riven with bite marks. As they rolled Ginny felt that she was getting the worst of it and tried to pull away but Isha pressed on with her assault forcing Ginny back into one of the stalls.

Banging against the toilet door disoriented Ginny and Isha than carefully aimed a blow at her throat. The red head gagged and broke off any pretence at a defence. Isha determined to end this battle lifted up the toilet seat and thrust Ginny's head into the bowl, slamming the lid down for good measure. By this point the red head was totally out of it, a fact that was emphasised even more when following the time honoured tradition her triumphant opponent pulled hard on the chain, giving the red head the flushing of a lifetime. After that Isha pulled Ginny's head out of the bowl and left her unconscious body splayed out on the floor, as she prepared to leave the battlefield flush with the glow of victory.

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