Kareen v/s Bipasha - By Khajur

Kareena couldn't BELIEVE her eyes - this girl totally overshadowed her in the rushes of the movie! When Kareena had heard she'd co-star with Bipasha and that Bipasha was doing the sidey role, Kareena was smacking her lips like a cat....after all, WHO was this model anyways?

But now, in the dimmed lights of the auditorium, she couldn't conceal her anger when she heard peals of laughter from Bipasha during their joint Maldives song.....as if to sprinkle salt on Kareena's wounds!

They ran into each other at the toilet during the show. Kareena was seething with anger, while Bips was appearing too cool - applying makeup while talking down to Kareena...."Hey Bebo!" Bips said while looking into the large mirror. She turned around and said "You know, you should really visit this gym where they reduce your back size"....Kareena was glaring at the taller, bigger girl in front of her, not knowing how to resits tearing into her hair.

"Now, now....control yourself, LITTLE GIRL!" Bips laughed at her own comment, hoping Kareena would make the mistake she wanter her to make.

And Kareena did. She stepped forward, her arms raised, going straight for Bipasha's mane. Bips lifted her arms just in time, catching Kareena's both wrists suddenly, and thrust her breasts into Kareena's.

Kareena was stunned by the force with which her wrists were gripped, and felt 440 Volts shock on receiving Bipasha's breast thrust. She stepped back once, then again!

Bipasha quickly spun Kareena around with her grips intact, making Kareena flip such that her back faced Bipasha, with Kareena's arms raised in air and held back. Squirming first with discomfort and then in pain, Kareena tried breaking free, but couldn't. Bips had an iron grip, and was slowly pulling Kareena's raised arms back, making the Kapoor lass bend backwards in pain.

"Look here, LITTLE GIRL, I could take you into my lap and spank your baby fat pink in the ass RIGHT HERE, understand?" Bipasha hissed, releasing Kareena who now straightened out to face her adversary.

SLAP! Bipasha's palm landed flush on Kareena's cheek, who immediately yelped in pain and with tears in her eyes, stepped back from her bigger rival.

"U N D E R S T A N D?" Bipasha thundered, landing another tight slap on the other cheek.

Kareena was mad, furious, angry, insulted and humiliated. Not to mention scared - yes, she didn't want to risk fighting Bipasha right now.

"If you are woman enough, meet me at Madh Island beach on sunrise this Sunday - I'll make you regret this assault!" saying this, Kareena turned around and ran out of the toilet, her panties slightly wet from this encounter.

Bips smiled into the mirror - just what she wanted - Bipasha always believed in "Taming the Shrew"....…

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