Kajol v/s Manisha - By Cool Guy

Kajol and Manisha are two of the top ten strongest girls in acting in Bollywood. A battle something more lasting than their impromptu wrestling at the end of Gupt would be welcome.

I believe from what I have seen Kajol should be the third strongest in the movie industry just behind Tabu and Manisha, and maybe tied with Raveena at the third spot.All of these actresses have strong arms and discernable biceps. But her inherent aggression gives her a good edge over the others.

So heres my take on the fight. I would rather have them fight in swimsuits. Kajol wearing her high cut swimsuit that she wore in DDLJ and Manisha wearing the blue swimsuit that she wore in the filmfare issue.

The two contestents had no animosity previously but slight misunderstanding and a war in print led them to a face to face confrontation in the swimming pool of the hotel they were staying in.
Small words led to a big argument and that resulted in them dwciding to settle matters in a wrestling battle. They clearly told the bystanders that no one was to interfere and only one of them would walk out after the other had submitted to the winners superiority. Their common friend was asked to stop the match once one of them submitted.

Kajol looked strong but het tummy was potruding from the swimsuit. Even then her legs looked awesome and muscular. Manisha taller than Kajol looked a but hefty her lega a little flabby compared to Kajol.

The ladies circled each other and Kajol was the first to go for the break. Instinctively realising that Manisha had the height advantage she tried to get her off the feet by going for her legs. But it seems Manisha was prepared for that. Kajol bent down and rushed at Manisha and got her arms around her thighs, but Manisha kneeled down and blocked the move and wrapped her arms tightly around Kajols waist.

This gave her a advantage and she lifted Kajol off the ground and Kajol lost her own grip around Manishas thigs, and slammed her down on the hard tiled ground. This drove the wind out of Kajol and she looked up at the sky dazed for a moment. Manisha took the advantage and tried to smother her with her boobs. She wrapped her arms around Kajols breasts and brought the fingers behind her back. Manisha own face facing Kajols tummy and her breast pressed hard against Kajols face. Kajol was in acute trouble now, she was literally being smothered by Manishas huge breasts. She was sprawled out and now tried to bridge out of Manisha hold. But Manisha was too strong Manisha slowly started inching down towards Kajols pussy and at the same time maintaining her hold. Kajol realising that Manisha would have complete advantage soon bucked desperately and bridged out of the hold by biting into Manishas left boob and pushing her off.

Both of them were a bit exhausted from the effort, Manisha was cupping her left boob. They faced heah other and were on their knees, Kajol again was the first one to act, She rushed at Manisha and both grasped each others hands and tried to show off their strength and Kajol caught Manisha by surprise by aggresively yanking her fingers and making her cry out in pain, she then smashed against Manisha with her body this brought Manisha down on her back. And Kajol climbed on her and straddled her by putting her legs on either side of Manishas stomach and pinning her arms on either side of Manishas head with her own arms. Manisha was helpless in this position and she kicked helplessly in the air to no avail. Kajol moved up and sat comfortably below Manishas ribs, she looked at Manisha state of helplessness and smiled. She taunted Manisha for a while and all Manisha could do was close her eyes and in despersation kick in the air some more but in did not have any effect on Kajol.

Kajol was in a commanding position now and climbed further up and sat on Manishas big breasts. "get off you bitch" said Manisha," Make me" said Kajol. Manisha was having trouble breathing now as Kajol pressed her crotch against Manishas boobs. She was pressing her entire weight against Manishas boobs and thats a LOT of weight. She then pressed against Manishas chin with her crotch. "Whos the better woman now? Asked Kajol" No reply "Do you give up" asked Kajol. No reply. "OK you asked for it." Said Kajol and sat on Manishas face with Manishas nose dissapearing between the cheeks of her ass. Kajol then positioned herself and rubbed her pussy on Manishas face and nose. She was visibly enjoying her domination and the feeling.
"Whos the better woman now?" Asked Kajol again. Manisha was at the end of her endurance she was completely humilated but she didnt want to add the humiliation of having admitted her defeat to Kajol.She gritted her teeth and refused to say the word.

Kajol got really angry at the defiance and placed her pussy on Manishas face and pressed down with her entire weight on Manisha and bent forward so that Manisha couldnt brethe, Manisha was desperate now she couldnt think except she remembered how Kajol had got out of the hold she had placed her in.

Suddenly the look of truimph on Kajols face turned to surprise and then anguish and she cried out in pain. She let go of Manishas arms and covered her pussy in pain. She fell off and lay on her side tears streaming down her face. Manisha now got up on her feet coughing. She wouldnt let go of this chance, she first got on Kajols back, sat don on the small of her back slammed her face against the floor then grabbed her hair and dragged her to the edge of the swimming pool and again she turned her on her stomach sat on her back and this time grabbed her hair and threatened to immerse her head in the water but without waiting for a reply banged her head against the floor. She then turned Kajol on her back, "you are very proud of your pussy arent you?" said Manisha, Kajol was at the edge of consciousness and just groaned in reply.

She sat on Kajols stomach facing her feet and with her left hand pulled on Kajols swimsuit and the small strip of cloth dissapeared within Kajols pussy giving her a wedgie. Manisha then pulled it out and started clawing inside Kajols pussy. Kajol cried out in pain with tears streaming down her face. She clawed on Manishas back and Manisha reacted with a cry of pain. She got off but Kajol didnt get the time to recover because of the pain in her crotch from Manishas biting and clawing. SHe just placed her hands on her pussy and lay on her side groaning, Manisha wouldnt let go of this chance, She straddled Kajol with her crotch digging into Kajols tummy. She rapidly moved up to Kajols breast and sat on them pinning Kajols arms on either side of her head with her knees.

Kajol was compleately drained and realised what was coming. Manisha asked her who was the better woman, and Kajol immidieatly replied "You are the better woman, I give up". She didnt want to risk Manisha sitting on her face. But Manisha decided to do it nevertheless. But the timely intervention of the friend saved Kajol. Manisha had to be dragged off from Kajol and she couldnt do what she wanted to; sit on Kajols face. Kajol slowly got up still covering her groin with her hands and looked at Manisha with disgust. Manisha was completely drained, she was running on adrenaline so far.

She simply collapsed and lost consciousness. Kajol had lost and she was embarrased, she wrapped herself with a towel and stumbled back to her room while Manisha, though the winner had to be carried by her friends back to her room.

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