Dimple and Twinkle vs. Neetu and Karishma - By Khajur

"Mummy, can you come with me tonite? I have a really important fight today" Twinkle said out loud, finishing her make-up in the mirror.

"Yes, sure! Who's it? And who's the chaperone?" came the husky but crisp voice of Dimple, who was still in the shower.

"I'm taking on Lolo tonite - Karishma Kapoor!" Twinkle said enthustiatically....adding "as if it wasn't fun sitting on her during our slumber partied - lets see how she reacts when humiliated by me again, this time in front of Neetu aunty!"

Dimple switched the shower off on hearing that. Neetu! She'd heard of the prospect of facing her - that too in the shower!!

Dimple didn't know what to say. She couldn't describe to her elder daughter what Neetu did to her ages back, starting with the swimming pool and ending with the showers.....Dimple felt her knees weaken and her hair rise - just on remembering that awful beating Neetu had given her in the garb of a fight! No....she couldn't share that with Twinkle.

Almost understanding her mom's silence on hearing all this, Twinkle said "Oh Come on, Maa! Its not as if Neetu aunty will beat you up again - the chaperones CANNOT fight. I specially asked for it when I heard it was Neetu aunty who'd be there....wouldn't you LIKE to see me do to Karishma what Neetu did to you years back?"

Dimple was more than silent in the shower. She quickly wrapped herself in a large towel and stepped out, water dripping from her body, on hearing her daughter say what she did.
"How did YOU know?" Dimple asked on getting out, facing Twinkle.

"Maa - remember I was a school going kid who'd gotten home early one day when you'd sent the servants off when Neetu aunty was visiting? I saw you on the bed, your saree raised, your bush showing and your panty in Neetu aunty's hands, when she mentioned if you wanted an encore of the club."

Dimple's head was spinning! WHEN did Twinkle see that? So she knows all along? What ELSE did she see that day?

"Don't worry, Maa, I'll protect you from Neetu aunty in case she does try anything silly!" Twinkle said like a brave child.

"Dear, if Neetu wants to, she can wipe the floor with the three of us - so concentrate on doing to Lolo what Neetu did to me, but DO NOT get involved if Neetu picks up a fight with me."
"You mean, if she pulls you into her lap and spanks your rear end red after lifting the dress" Twinkle faced Dimple with hands on her hips, her bored tone suggesting the obvious....that her mom stood NO CHANCE when faced with Neetu Singh - even after almost fifteen years since she last "got it" from the sardarni, around the time of "Saagar" being released.

Dimple blushed, trying to cover her face while facing her daughter, but was also angry with her.
The doorbell rang just then. Twinkle rushed to open the door, with Dimple not far behind. In the doorway stood a freshly waxed and nervous Karishma, with a confident Neetu standing beside her.....

Dimple froze, conscious of the two girls watching them react to each other - Neetu smiled warmly, raising her arms in a "hug me" greeting and entered.

Dimple reciprocated, being the host, walking up to meet and hug Neetu. Their hug was quick, but Dimple could still feel hair rising on her ends! Neetu, aware of the effect her breasts always seemed to have on Dimple, even after all these years, said "How do you manage to blush in this age! You look GREAT!"

Dimple mumbled "Sab aapki meharbani hai - thanks to you!"

Twinkle was her confident self, eyeing a wary Karishma who was looking around the room to make herself familiar.

"Kareena did not come?" Twinkle asked out of polite courtesy.

"No...she said she was going to the party at the studios, and would join us with Rinkie later." Karishma spoke, looking straight into Twinkle's eyes.

Meanwhile, Neetu and Dimple, their arms around each other's waists, called out loud "Okay, so lets get to the point!"

The fight was arranged in a bedroom on cushioned mattresses with no other furniture in it. The hum of the A/C aside, there was pin drop silence there.

"Okay" Neetu cleared her throat "girls, there are two parts to this - a wrestling match, followed by a fight."

"The wrestling match is strictly wrestling" Dimple joined in, "no hairpulling, slapping, kicking or punching - on any *Parts* of your body!". All four laughed on the way Dimple rolled her eyes while saying "parts".

"Wrestle till one of you submits. Pins or points, its a submission that matters!" Neetu finished off the instructions, her being "in charge" not disputed by anyone in the room.

Twinkle and Karishma stripped to their bras and panties, and circled each other, crouched, their bare feet circling around to look for an opening.

Karishma stepped forward and raised her arms to lock into Twinkle's, quickly stepping up to try tripping Twinkle down.

Twinkle tilted, but was way too heavy for a light hearted trip like this to fall - she simply grabbed Karishma's head in her left arm in a headlock, stretching Karishma's other hand out and pulling her down.

Karishma bent down but charged forward with all her might, and the two landed on the mattress with Twinkle below Karishma.

Twinkle rolled to her side as Karishma was trying to pin her. Twinkle then wrapped her legs around Karishma, her calves finding Karishma's slim belly under them. And Twinkle squeezed, HARD.

Karishma groaned as pain shot up across her midriff, and try as much as she did, couldn't do much about Twinkle's massive thighs flexing and her calves digging deeper into Karishma's lower belly. Twinkle's heels were rubbing against Karishma's crotch.

Twinkle rolled Karishma from one side to the other, squeezing and grunting. All this while, Karishma's moans filled the room. The moans became wails and then pleas for mercy.....
"Submit, darling, or want more?" Twinkle was relentless.

"Oh God! If only I could...aaaah!" Karishma could barely complete a sentence without painful moans filling the air.

Dimple was all smiles, excited at her daughter winning. Neetu glared at Dimple, who, when noticing Neetu's glare, became subdued and quiet. "Come on, Neetu - we're supposed to be chaperones, not fight ourselves!" Dimple offered a sugary complained tone.

Meanwhile, Twinkle was relaxing her thighs to avoid cramps when Karishma struggled hard and managed to get both her arms to grip Twinkle's feet. With all her might, she pried Twinkle's feet apart and before Twinkle could react with her brute strength, Karishma managed to squeeze out of the scissors.

Karishma rolled over five times before resting a while, her bosom heaving, her milky white navel going up and down with her short breaths....

Twinkle rolled too, but to go up on her knees and advance towards Karishma. Twinkle jumped forwards, attempting to land on Karishma, but Karishma rolled again and escaped Twinkle. Now Karishma hopped onto Twinkle's back and sat up, sitting on the middle of Twinkle's back.
With her legs apart while sitting on Twinkle, Karishma's arms went to work quickly, grabbing Twinkle by her armpits and pulling Twinkle back. As Twinkle struggled, Karishma grabbed Twinkle under her chin and pulled her up.

Twinkle screamed in pain as her neck was stretched backwards. She HAD no choice but to keep her hands on the ground, and her legs were no good in this position. Karishma grunted as she applied more and more pressure, Twinkle's moans filling the air.

Twinkle, with a surge of strength, got up on all fours, upstaging Karishma in her seat. Twinkle bucked wildly and Karishma landed on the mattress as Twinkle slipped her body from under Karishma.

An angry Twinkle grabbed Karishma's shoulders, turned her to land her on her backside, and mounted Karishma. Thirty seconds of flailing arms and struggling torsos later, Twinkle was sitting on Karishma, right ON her breasts, with Twinkle's knees pressing Karishma's forearms into the mattress.

Twinkle raised her hands in mock slaps, and watching Karishma twinge in anticipation, laughed "If this was a fight, Lolo, you'd be red in your face by now!"

Twinkle held Karishma in this schoolgirl pin position for five minutes. Karishma tried to buck, shuffle, even tried catching Twinkle by her legs, but of no avail - Twinkle smiled into Karishma's resigned pair of eyes, smiling into a pouting Karishma.....

When Karishma next tried lifting her legs to wrap around a straddling Twinkle, she yelped in pain as Twinkle grabbed both Karishma's calves, locked her arms across them, and pushed forward!

Karishma was half bent, her lower back exposed off the ground, her chest buried under Twinkle. Twinkle's knees surged forward to clasp Karishma around her head, and on the second squeeze, Karishma wailed out her surrender!

Twinkle released Karishma's legs and relaxed with this win, started putting her hair back in place, all the while sitting on Karishma.

"Come on, get off me now that you've won - I'm getting crushed under your weight!" Karishma spoke.

"Make me!" Twinkle said, upset with the use of word "weight" - she was conscious of her rear end and thick thighs and calves.

"Okay, baba! I'm sorry! Now can you please let me go?"

"I'll let you up, but won't let you go until you've been spanked red in our next round!" Twinkle retorted. Then she got up, and offered her hand to let Karishma up. Karishma took it, an was up in a jiffy!

Neetu was stone faced, but realized Karishma just wasn't HER! She walked up to the two fighters along with Dimple, and the two chaperones declared Twinkle the winner of their wrestling bout......

After losing the first round in a wrestling encounter, Karishma was thinking hard while resting during their break. Twinkle was excited as ever, all smiles, chatting up Neetu and Dimple while offering them to serve cold drinks.

The next round was catfighting. After their resting period, both Karishma and Twinkle got up from opposite sides of the room.

“Go get her – be calm and business like!” Dimple patted Twinkle’s shoulder, urging her forward with a gentle press on her daughter’s shoulder.

“Try staying away from her grip while punching her around….you’ll need to be out of her reach and weight if you have to take this cow down. Now GO GET HER!” Neetu planted a gentle spank on Karishma’s rear end.

Both beauties were in their bra and panties. Twinkle in her red two-piece looked buxom and smashing, while Karishma’s royal blue two-piece with yellow polka dots went rather well with her creamy white complexion.

At 5’6”, Twinkle stood 2” taller with clearly heavier body top to bottom. Her breasts were raring to peek out of her thin bra as she clenched her fists, circling Karishma with her burning eyes piercing the smaller bombshell.

Karishma couldn’t gaze back at Twinkle – she’d been clearly bettered in their wrestling bout, and with their schoolgirl history, seemed to almost give up on the prospect of taking on the stronger Twinkle. Then Karishma remembered aunty Neetu’s advice, and surged forward with renewed confidence.

Twinkle swung her right arm, then her left, trying to catch Karishma on her sides with some powerful punches. Karishma ducked them both, stalling one with her arms and the other with a SWOOSH movement to her side.

Karishma walked into Twinkle and butted her head on Twinkle’s jaw, sending her foe backwards. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Karishma’s palms flew left and right, landing flush on Twinkle’s cheeks.

“Uiieee! Aaaargh!!” grunted Twinkle, stepping back from this unexpected assault. Karishma followed the slaps with swift kicks to Twinkle’s legs, catching her calf and shins in surprise.
“Owwww! Maa!” Twinkle moaned in pain as she felt burning pain shoot up her legs. She swung roundhouse punches in vain, Karishma easily ducking them both, supplanting more tight slaps to Twinkle’s face.

By now, Dimple could see her baby get into serious trouble! Neetu was both shocked and smiling – shocked ‘cause Lolo had taken up fighting close range against her advice, and smiling ‘cause she could see Twinkle in real trouble.Twinkle started stepping backwards, and Karishma kept up with her array of slaps and kicks, backing Twinkle into the wall. By now, Twinkle was covering her face with both her hands, and occasionally clutching her rubbery belly as Karishma landed choice punches inbetween her barrage of slaps and kicks.

Twinkle suddenly caught Karishma’s wrist during one of these slaps, and jerked her smaller foe to the other side. Karishma’s other palm missed her mark too, and now both of Karishma’s wrists were help in Twinkle’s grip.

GRIP! Karishma suddenly remembered aunty Neetu’s gentle spank and advice. Too late!!
Twinkle pushed her arms out, making Karishma’s arms bend against her will, and with Karishma’s both arms locked in hers into an open embrace stance, Twinkle raised her right knee to land right in the middle of Karishma’s legs.

“OOOOWWWW!” howled out Karishma, loud and clear that she was in PAIN!
Twinkle’s other leg followed in similar fashion, this time catching Karishma’s unprotected cunt square on with high force.

“Aaaargh!!! Uiiieeeee Mummy!!” Karishma wailed out loud.

Twinkle released Karishma’s wrists and jabbed Karishma’s flat milky belly in rapid staccato bursts, landing a dozen punches in almost ten seconds flat! The effect on Karishma was that her feet lifted slightly on each punch, pushing her back while eliciting moans, then wails and finally begging for mercy.

But Twinkle was still nursing her sore shins and calves. Her flailing arms caught her palms land square in hard SPLAT! Each time they connected with Karishma’s face. Karishma’s face was switching from left to right as Twinkle’s slaps slaughtered any resistance remaining from Karishma.

Twinkle then grabbed Karishma by both her elbows and swung her around in circles, finally releasing her and sending Karishma flying across the room, landing right on Dimple’s feet! Neetu twitched her arms and almost broke up the fight, then held back remembering the rules….when a chaperone steps in before a submission, the loss is total.

Twinkle rumbled over to Karishma, who had raised herself on her knees trying to get up. Karishma could only squeal in pain as she saw Twinkle’s hammer like punches land firmly on Karishma’s breasts. A defenceless Karishma wailed her surrender, and aunty Neetu stepped in almost immediately.

Neetu took Twinkle by the sides of her arms and pushed her off her crying niece. Twinkle frowned as Neetu’s grasp caught her arms flesh between Neetu’s nails. Seeing her winner daughter “assaulted”, Dimple surged forward to pull Neetu off her child.

Neetu pushed Twinkle hard, making the winner land on her arse on the mattressed floor. Karishma lay in a heap, still recovering from the pain Twinkle had inflicted on her. Neetu spun around to face a charging Dimple, who, seeing Neetu turn, tried to slow down but landed up colliding with her anyways.

Electricity passed as Dimples smaller breasts were crushed yet again on mere impact with Neetu’s beauties. Neetu rammed forward, pushing Dimple back step by step, their eyes locked, their arms by their sides, Dimple mesmerized by Neetu’s tough talk.

“So you REALLY want me to PUNSIH you, little Dimpie, in front of our kids?” Neetu hissed, making Dimple suck her breath in fear and step backwards to ward off any blows from her tormentor.

“Please! Neetu!! I just wanted Twinkle’s safety!!” Dimple pleased, arms raised, her fingers opening in anticipation of locking into Neetu’s hands.

Neetu controlled herself and let Dimple go.

The doorbell rang. Twinkle got up and opened the door…..to see her younger sister Rinkie be brought into the house by Karishma’s younger sister Kareena Kapoor. Kareena had Rinkie by her right pony tail, bending a pleading Rinkie’s head on one side as they breezed in, Kareena in confident giggles while Rinkie in tears.

“Mummy! Please get Kareena to let me GO! Twinkle!! Help me!!!” Rinkie pleaded louder, expecting to be rescued from Kareena, who had pretty much bullied Rinkie into everything she could think of, while giving her a piece of her hand!

The six women eased soon, going into the Kapadia kitchen. Twinkle had won over Karishma again, Neetu had bullied Dimple quite openly, and Kareena had given Rinkie a harrowing time.
“Do you know we do variety of CANDLES?” Rinkie spoke. Dimple’s glare said it all – now she and her girls were in for another candle dance from the Kapoor women.

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