Chance Encounter - By FanMan

Pooja was in a rotten mood. The baby was giving her a bad time, the servents were intolerable, and she missed home. On top of that, she had finally been cleared by her doctor to have sex again, after the baby, and she didn’t have anyone to satisfy her. I mean her people had written the Karma Sutra and she was a very passionate person. Right now she was so horny she would fuck anything on two legs and some things on four. Between being pregnant and the job, she just hadn’t had time to meet anyone.

 She knew that now that she had delivered the baby, and had worked so hard to loose the added weight and tighten up her muscles again, she would have no trouble attracting males. She caught a glimpse of herself in a full length reflective surface. She was a good height at 5’6” and her weight was back to where it should be. Her figure was good. As a matter of fact, her figure was great right now. Her normal C-cupped breasts were a good D-cup with her milk and she reveled in that fact. Men here loved big breasts, and she certainly had them. Along with a narrow waist and ample hips and ass, she looked great and she knew it.

But this country! In fairness, she conceded to herself that South America was ok, and her job more than made up for living here, but it just wasn’t home. She missed her family, she missed her friends and she missed the places she had grown up with. Mostly she missed the men. The men here were ok, but not like the men at home. Oh well, she would just have to make do.

She returned her attention to her surroundings and continued her grocery shopping. The baby was sleeping in his carrier on the cart and she was very glad of it. It let her shop in peace for a change.

She turned a corner and ran smack into another cart. The woman pushing it wasn’t looking where she was going and slammed straight into Pooja’s cart. The baby woke with a start and immediately started crying. Pooja reached down to comfort her child then looked up angrily.

“Can’t you shut that brat up. Jesus, you fucking natives are worthless. Can’t get a decent nanny around here to save your life.”

The blond woman yanked her cart back and went around a glaring Pooja. Native? This trumped up blond slut thought she was a NATIVE!

“Watch your mouth. You and your kind have been in control down here for hundreds of years. Why you can’t control your inferiors any better than you have is beyond me. Perhaps that is why you must spend ridicules amounts of money to bring people like me INTO your country to manager things.”

“Oh, great” responded the blond “it’s not bad enough we have all these little useless brown bastard injun's running around, now we have to import uppity coloreds. Shit.”

The blond stalked away and Pooja went in the other direction. Both woman continued to mutter to themselves, and send withering glares at each other till they went down separate aisles. Pooja continued to fume as she completed her shopping. Finally finishing, she headed for the front of the store. Just as she was turning into the checkout area her cart was again bumped.

“Get out of the way you brown slut.”

“You again!” blurted out Pooja. “I was in line first. Let me through.”

“Even someone with your obvious low intelligence should know to defer to her betters. Get out of my way.”

“Listen bitch, I’ve had it with obnoxious white assholes for the day. Don’t mess with me or you’ll regret it.”

“Why you little brown bitch. That sounds like a threat.”

“Take it anyway your little white brain can manage it, just get away from me, or you’ll regret it.”

“You brown bitch. You little brown bitch. If we weren’t in public I’d teach you a lesson you wouldn’t soon forget.”

“Oh, you white cunt. If I didn’t have my son with me I’d teach you respect for your mental and physical betters. We Indians are far superior to you decadent whites.”

“YOU? Don’t make me laugh. You haven’t even been in charge of your own country since the British arrived. Oh yes, you’re ‘independent’ now. A second rate country on a third rate continent. Christ, even the Pakistani’s threaten you, and they‘re a bunch of towelheads. The Chinese could walk in and take your whole country, but it’s not worth their while.”

“OH, YOU WHITE BITCH! If my baby wasn’t here I‘d….”

“What…you’d what. You think you’re a match for me? I‘ll tell you what slut. I‘ve about had it with you arrogant fucking foreigners coming in to make money in my country then shipping it home. We can dump your bastard at my nanny’s home, then go back to my ranch, and I’ll teach you a lesson.”

Pooja stopped for just a second to consider. She took a look at the other woman to see what she faced. Long blond hair, breasts about the same as Pooja’s (okay, maybe a little bigger…okay maybe a E-cup but no more that that), waist and hips about the same but her ass wasn’t as good as Pooja’s. Pooja had not been in a fight since she was twelve, but she wanted to wipe the sneer of this sluts face.

“Okay, bitch you’re on!”

The two women had left Pooja's baby at the house at the bottom of the hill. Even in a blood red mood, Pooja had checked the home and had her people do a quick check on the nanny on her way there. Satisfied, she had left her baby and accompied the white woman up the hill to her ranch house. Pooja had found out the woman's name was Gretchen and the ranch was her family home.

As they walked into the house Pooja said "Hey white slut, how long will we have till we're interrupted. Do I have to finish you off fast, or can I take my time beating the shit out of you?"

"You stupid brown cunt. No one is going to come around to save you till sometime tommorrow morning. I might just keep you here all night to torture as I please! Come on, we can do this out back. That way I won't have to wash your blood out of my rugs."

With that, Pooja followed the woman through the house. They only stopped twice. Once in Gretchen's bedroom where she got a large dildo. One end was about an inch in diameter and about seven inches long. The other end was at least two inches across and twelve inches long."I'm going to fuck your pussy with the big end and your ass with the other end when I'm done beating you."

"We'll see who gets it in the ass you white trash."

The second stop was in the den. Gretchen got a small device that Pooja didn't recognize. She asked about it.
"This bitch? This is a clipper. It's used to cut the ends off cigars. It was my fathers. I'm going to use it to cut the ends off your nipples. Don't worry. No permanent damage, I'm just going to take off the last quarter inch or so. You'll even be able to nurse that bastard son of yours after your teats heal. Of course if you have little girl nipples, there might not be a lot left. Ha, ha, ha!"

Pooja didn't say anything, at first. She was starting to get a little worried about this. "Your nipple better be long enough to lose some, cunt, cause you're the one who is going to get clipped. You sound like you've done this before! Have you?"

"Nope, never. But I must be bi-sexual or something, because I've always fantised about doing this to a slut brown bitch like you. Whenever one of your brown slut sisters pisses me off, I dream about teaching her a lesson, like you're going to get. Well bred women don't fight all that often, here. The last fight I got into was when I was thirteen or something. Beat the crap out of Liz Heidlemen for spreading rumors about me. True rumors, but I had to uphold my reputation."

All this yapping had taken the two hellions completely through the house to a grassy area behind the house. Grethen tossed the dildo and clipper off to the side and the two faced each other. Pooja noted that at least they were dressed the same. Front buttoned blouse, and skirt. Pooja knew she had bra and panties on. She knew Gretchen was wearing a bra and assumed panties. They kicked their shoes off as they moved onto the grass.

Neither really knew how to begin. They walked around a little, getting closer and closer. Finally, they got with reach of each other and a gleam came into Grethen's eyes. Striking like a cobra, she swung flat footed and slapped Pooja across the face. Pooja's head twisted to the side with a curse. She stepped in and slapped back. Pooja's slap had more behind it because she was moving and it sent Gretchen stumbling back a couple of steps. Before the blond could get ready Pooja hit her again with the other hand. Gretchen stumbled back more then took another step for distance and got herself together. Pooja came at her with her arm back but got a punch in the belly instead. A slap to the face and another punch, this time in the breast sent her reeling back.
They both stopped to catch their breath then began to cirle again. This time they launced themselves at each other. They slammed together, grabbed hair and began swirling across the lawn. They pulled each others head back and forth, savagely tearing at the others scalp and hair. Pooja was still feeling the punch to the breast so she freed one hand, pulled Gretchen back a little and smashed her little fist straight into Gretchen's huge mammary.

Gretchen grunted and tried to pull back, but Pooja was on a roll. Holding onto Gretchen's hair Pooja slammed another punch into Gretchen's belly then one more into her face. Pooja realized the problem with hitting a person in the face with your fist as soon as she connected. Gretchen went flying backwards and hit the ground hard. But Pooja couldn't take advantage. She stood holding her hand, jumping around and cursing. Damn, that hurt her almost as much as it seem to hurt Gretchen. Gretchen rolled on the ground moaning as Pooja finally got herself ready to go after the blond bitch.

Still shaking her hand, Pooja moved to Gretchen and kicked the other woman in the belly. Gretchen wailed and rolled onto her back. Pooja noted that the front of Gretchen's blouse was wet, probably milk leaking out from where Pooja had hit her. Pooja looked down and saw that her own bloose was wet also. Gretchen had rolled away and was getting back to her feet. Pooja moved in and kicked again but Gretchen saw it coming and caught the foot and pushed Pooja back. Gretchen got to her feet and the two slammed into each other, again grabbing hair. They pulled each other around the lawn then Gretchen pulled Pooja to the side and flipped her to the ground. As soon as she hit Gretchen kicked into Pooja's side and back. Pooja scambled away. She faced Gretchen on her knees, and dove at the blond as she got close, bring both to the ground. Hands scrambled, pulling at anything they could grab and Pooja's shirt ripped down the front. Pissed, Pooja pulled on Gretchens shirt opening it also. The two pulled on each others shirts till both were topless, in just bras.

Still on their knees, the two women slammed together, hands grappling and seaking a hold. They ended in a mutual headlock, pulling each other around on their knees. Pooja managed to get better leverage and flipped Gretchen over to the ground, still holding the other woman in a headlock and laying across her chest. Gretchen yelled and pushed against Pooja, trying to roll the brown woman off her. Struggling back and forth Gretchen could not get the other off. Pooja tightened the headlock and slapped into Gretchens face from time to time. The thrashing around had put Pooja directly atop the other woman on her side. Her hips ground into the others crotch and Gretchen yelled and thrashed some more. Pooja fell into the V of Gretchens legs and Gretchen closed them around the other woman, locked her ankles and squeezed with her legs. Pooja bellowed at the pain blossoming from her midsection as Gretchen tried to cut her in half with her legs. Pooja maintanined the headlock and each tried to do as much damage as possible. Gretchen got both hands in Pooja's hair and tried to pull her off, while maintaining the scissors around her waist. The two rolled from side to side, with Gretchen on her back and Pooja's back striking the ground each time Gretchen managed to roll them that way. As the pain increased in both her mid-section and back, Pooja began punching into Gretchens face. Gretchen tightened the scissors and slammed Pooja's back into the ground again. Pooja released her headlock and slammed her elbow into Gretchens face, twice. Gretchen bellowed and opened her legs, Pooja scrammbling away, assisted by a kick from Gretchen. They regain their knees and glared at each other.
Now they began a real slap fight, swinging at each other on their knees, hands striking faces, necks, temple and ears. The sounds of flesh hammering flesh were answered with grunts and yells. They even add forearm blows to each others chest and breasts. The pain emenating from their battered boobs focused their attention. Each saw the real target of a nursing mother, the others milk jugs. Both attacked the others bra and soon both were truely topless.

On their knees they stopped for a second and glared at each other, breathing heavily. Two sets of large milk filled cones were presented. Pooja knew that her own nipples were long enough to take the treatment Gretchen had threatened earlier easily, being almost an inch long and fat. But now she saw that Gretchen's teats were just as big, maybe bigger. Pooja snarled and looked forward to snipping off the ends of those fat suckers. Plus, Gretchens aureola were even bigger that Pooja's which were almost two inches across. Gretchens must be close to three inches and covered the whole end of the tit.

As if my mutual consent, the women grabbed at the others udders. Each got a hand on the others tits and face to face on their knees, they began to squeeze. Milk spurt forth from all four nipples and both women wailed. Kneeding and squeezing, rolling each others tits across their chests, each woman milked the other, trying to be the first to empty her opponent. Pooja felt her tits sagging, feeling the milk empty from her bags. Desperately she squeezed harder to get more milk from Gretchen, but it was no use. Her tits were almost empty and Gretchen still squeezed and pulled on them. One of Pooja's tits stopped spurting and only oozed a few drops. It was gone. All her milk was gone from one tit and the other was almost done too. With a cry of victory, Gretchens head swung down and her lips fastened to the emptied teat. She sucked hard and Pooja screamed. The pain was awefull. Gretchen put both hands on the flacid milk sack, squeezed some more and sucked harder. Pooja released Gretchen's tits and grabbed her hair to pull her off. Gretchen held on and sucked. Gretchen filled her mouth, then released the tit and spit her mouthfull onto Pooja's chest. Pooja screamed again as she saw that Gretchen had been sucking blood from her tit. She was destroying Pooja's breast. Emptied of milk, Gretchen's sucking was crushing the sacs inside Pooja's boob, destroying her ability to make more milk for her baby. Pooja was worn by the fighting so far and loosing her milk as conquoring her spirt. Gretchen was beating her physically and emotionaly.

Gretchen pushed that wailing brown slut on to the ground and put her mouth back to the emptied boob.

Harder she sucked feeling the tit destroying itself. With glee Gretchen chewed on the ravaged nipple bringing more blood. She sat up and looked down at the crying, sobbing, Pooja.

"Time to loose the nipple, brown slut. Fucking tit is useless now anyway."

Looking around Gretchen saw the clipper and reached for it. Pooja wailed again when she saw Gretchen come at her with it.

"I'm really going to enjoy this cunt. Now I want you to watch as I do it. Don't close your eyes."
With that Gretchen slapped Pooja's face to open her eyes, then pulled her head up by the hair so she could see as Gretchen fit the clipper over Pooja's big nipple. Pooja noted that she only put if over enough to take maybe a sixteenth of an inch off, not the quarter inch she had threatened. Almost as if she was reading Pooja's mind Gretchen said.

"Don't worry cunt, I'm going to only take the quarter inch I said, but I'll do it a little at a time."

With that Gretchen snapped the clipper closed and a slice of Pooja's nipple jumped from the teat. Gretchen leaned over and licked the nipple to make it erect again, fitted the clipper and took another piece off. Pooja wailed and cried at the bite of the cold steel going through her flesh. Gretchen forced her to watch as she took off two more slices of the nipple. Gretchen released Pooja's hair to let her fall back to the grass, cradling her savaged breast.

"Now lets do the other one."

Pooja screamed and thrashed as Gretchen grabbed her other tit and squeezed, pumping out the last of that tits juice. Gretchen rolled the milk bag in her hands, crushing and squeezing, forcing what ever milk was left out. Pooja tried to push her away, but Gretchen just batted her hands away. Finally the milk stopped and Gretchen leaned over, smiling at Pooja, laughing her her pleas and sobs.

Something snapped in Pooja just as Gretchen's mouth closed on the nipple. She couldn't let this happen. This white slut could not be allowed to destroy her breasts. Her son would survive, that wasn't the point. Her breasts were her mark of a woman. To let this white cunt destroy them would make Pooja loose all honor. She could never face her people again. But what to do? She felt Gretchen start sucking on her empty tit, collapsing the milk sacs, bringing out the blood. WHAT TO DO? HOW TO STOP HER.

Frainticly, Pooja pulled Gretchen's hair, pounded on her shoulders and head, pulled on Gretchens breasts, nothing helped. Gretchen kept sucking, destroying. Suddenly, Pooja's hand, almost of its own volition, went down between the woman's bodies. She sank her nails into Gretchen's crotch and DUG. Nails pierced fabric and dug into Gretchen's tender womanhood. Gretchen screamed and pulled away, grabbing at the hand at her crotch. Pooja dug in and clawed, scratching and digging at her rivals pussy. Gretchen continued to scream as she fell over on her side and tried to crawl away. Pooja yanked and her hand came away from Gretchen's cunt, panties, hair and a little flesh coming with it.

Gretchen withered on the grass, wailing and moaning, hands at her crotch. Pooja rested for the briefest time, then came to her knees. Moving to Gretchen she put her hands together and smashed them down on Gretchen's belly, over and over. Gretchen coughed and gagged as Pooja beat on her stomach. Pulling Gretchen's head up by her hair, Pooja slapped her face over and over, forehand and backhand. She even made a fist and punched carefully into the other womans face, blackening her eyes and bloodying her nose.
Pooja released the beaten woman and rolled her onto her stomach. Pooja straddled her back and bounced on her. Gretchen cried out at the added pain in her back. Pooja grabbed her hair and pulled back, shaking Gretchen's head side to side and punching into her face from time to time.

"Milk me dry will you!" Punch into the face.

"Try to destroy my tits you cunt!" Ripping at hair and scalp.

"Slice my nipples you white slut." Ass pounding on back.

Finally, Pooja stoped. Gretchen is hangs limply in her grasp. Pooja lets her slump back to the ground and rises looking around. Seeing what she wants she retreives the clippers and rolls the limp piece of white trash onto her back.

Grasping Gretchens left tit, she squeezes it and rolls it in her hands, pumping the last of Gretchens milk out. The milk squirts out, making a little fountain a foot or so high. Pooja laughs and squeezes more and more, till the tit runs dry. Then she does as Gretchen did and sucks on the empty milk bag. Harder and harder she sucks, spitting first the last of Gretchen's milk, then blood onto the wrecked mother. Satisfied, Pooja fits the clipper on Gretchen's nipple, but she puts it as far down as it will go. Gretchens long nipple sticks out the top of the clipper. Pooja pulls Gretchens head up.

"Watch white bitch. See it? I'm taking the whole nipple off!"

Pooja snaps the clipper and almost an inch of Gretchens nipple pops off and falls to the ground.

"NOOOOO...oh god NOOOOO...Please no...please no ".

Pooja picks up the severed flesh, rolls it in her fingers and with a laugh throws it to the side. Mindfull of what she had done earlier to get herself out of the same position, she pulls Gretchens arms down to her sides and kneels on her hands, pinning her to the ground. She encircles the other tit with both hands and squeezes that one. Again milk flows till the breast empties and again Pooja sucks till the blood flows. Then she sucks more, then more. Gretchen's screams have dwindled to loud crying, sobs and wailing. She begs Pooja to leave her some nipple, but Pooja laughs in her face. Reaching back she gets the clipper and fits it over the nipple. Gretchen looks down in horror as Pooja pushes it all the way down to sit on the deflated tit. Just before she snaps the clipper, Pooja raises it so it takes off only the very tip of the nipple. Then she does it again, then again. Satisfied, Pooja rises, then suddenly stomps her foot down into Gretchen's pussy. The white girl curls into a fetal position around her aching cunt, all but unconscious.

Pooja grabs Gretchen's skirt and rips it off. The white bitch is nude. Pooja looks around and spys the dildo.

Getting it, she rolls Gretchen onto her back.

"Time to get you off white slut. This part you'll probably enjoy."

Pooja starts working the huge device over Gretchens, scratched pussy. Rubbing it up and down, rolling it over Gretchen's clit, Pooja gets the other woman ready. After a couple of minutes, though still only semi-conscious, Gretchen begins to moan, her hands going to her crotch to help her tormentor. Pooja works her a little more, then slips the end of the dildo between Gretchens waiting lips. Slowly, Pooja works the fake cock into Gretchen, pumping it in and out, going a little farther in each time. Finally, Pooja has six or seven inches in the other woman. She stops and slaps Gretchens face lightly till her eyes flutter and open.

"Welcome back sleepy head. Feel that between your legs cunt?" Pooja pumps the dildo in and out.

"Oh, God, no, no, no...please don't...oh oh please, yes, yes, please yes."

Pooja has continued to pump taking Gretchen from no to yes, then pushes more of the dildo in.

"Oh, no...Oh God no more...please no more...I can't take more...stop please, I give, you win...Please no more."
"Oh yes more. I think that fucking train tunnel you call a pussy will take this whole thing, and I'm going to prove it."

Pooja pushes more and more of the dildo into Gretchen, accompanied by her screams, alternating between pain and pleasure. Pooja has the whole twelve inches inside Gretchen now and she pumping the whole thing in and out, fucking the white whore for all she's worth.

"Oh, yes...I'm coming...oh, oh, yes,'t fuck it feels so goooood. Oh yesssss."
Gretchen orgasmed and Pooja screwed the dildo all the way in and twirled it, moving it up and down and around. Pooja put her thumb on Gretchens clit and rubbed that too. Gretchen screamed as she double orgasmed, a deep one from the dildo and a surface one from Pooja's thumb on her clit. Gretchen couldn't stand it and almost passed out from the intensity of the double hit.

Pooja yanked the dildo out, rolled Gretchen over and jammed the other end of the dildo in her ass. Gretchen screams with pain this time, as the dildo penetrates that oriface never ment to take a fucking. Pooja pumped the dildo rapidly into Gretchen and soon had her pumping back. Again Pooja fingers Gretchens clit, this time along with the reaming of her corn hole. In no time Gretchen comes again, again a double from her clit and her asshole.

Pooja leaves the dildo sticking out of Gretchen's ass like a tail and rolls her over. Crying and sobbing, humiliated at the multiple violations of her body, of being beaten and milked, Gretchen is a defeated woman. Pooja straddles the womans face, her pussy at Gretchens chin.

"Come on white trash. Use that tounge for something good for a change."

Pooja ground her pussy into Gretchen's face and Gretchen pierce's her pussy with her tounge. Gretchen might have never eaten pussy before, but she took to it right away. Pooja made the white slut eat her for three orgasms, then rose to stand over the destroyed cunt.

"Don't ever challange your betters again slut. Next time I see you, you better get out of my way. If I come back up here after you, I'll take off the the rest of your nipple and your clit for good measure."
Pooja stomped off, taking the dildo and clipper as trophie

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