Catfight between my 2 girlfriends - By Ramesh

Hi I am Ramesh. I m gonna tell u abt this exciting catfight between my ex girlfriend & my new girl friend. My neighbour is a 19 yrs old girl called seema. I used to love her.

But i never told her as i didnt had enough guts to do so.i think even she loved me.this was when i was abt 17 -18 yrs old Then i joined college.there was a girl in my class who always used to talk with me.i knew she liked me.her name was aditi. Oneday she came to me & confessed her love. I was confused & happy.we were going fine then. Oneday i got a call from aditi. She wanted to come to my house for some notes & we also decided to go on a date that i called her at abt 4.00 pm.

The same day as i was getting ready the bell rang.i opened the door & to my suprise it was seema.i called her in & closed the door. She had made all the make up & was looking very beautiful as if she was going on a date with somebody. I asked her why she visited me.she told me she came to tell me something. I asked her wht was it. She paused for a moment & suddenly said that she loved me. I was really confused.i told her that i wanted some water & went into the kitchen to drink some.then the bell i was in kitchen, seema just went & opened the door before i could tell her was aditi.both were face to face & paused for a moment. Suddenly aditi walked in and just shouted" rameeshhh, where r u ". I replied "coming aditi only 10 minutes" she said ok and went & at on the chair. Seema was seating on the opposite chair both facing eachother. They didnt talk a single word to eachother.both just stared at eachother from head to toe.
Then i came. Aditi suddenly asked me "who is this girl ramesh,ur cousin?" at this point seema stood up & said" i m his bhavi patni (meaning one who becomes wife later on). Aditi said "no way . I m his woman" i interfered" plz dont fight. Seema she is my girl friend i love her" seema replied" i love u ramesh. Wht is the differnce between me & her. I m much better then her" aditi interferd " oh really .no way i m much better then u seema"

I said "aditi plz dont fight" seema interfered "hey aditi u love him right" aditi replied " yes i can do anything for him" seema said" u just defeat me in a fight & i will leave him. Lets prove who the better woman is right now right here but if u loose he is all mine" aditi was stunned.she didnt replied a word for a moment.seema again said"kyun dargayi kya?" aditi confidently said" i accept ur challenge aur haan main tumhare jaise darke bhagnewali nahin hoon" both of them told me not to interfere & just watch.( they didnt knew i was a hardcore catfighting fan).both were a bit fat & had a figure similar to kajol. Both were looking very beautiful. Seema was in a green salwar kameez with black strips & with green dupatta & green high heel sandals.she was abt 5.6" her hair was tied 1st but then she loosened it. Aditi was in a yellow salwar kameez with white dots & with yellow dupatta & yellow high heel sandals.she was also 5.6" with loose hair.both of them had hair lenght upto their breasts. Both tied their duppatas to their waists tightly.due to these their boobs were looking wonderful.

They were face to face.they were just circling each other staring into eachother's eye.& at the same time both leaped onto one another.both holded eachother's hand & were struggling. Seema just took out her leg & pulled aditi leg & took her down.aditi was down & seema was on her choking her suddenly aditi got on top & both rolled onto the floor pulling eachother's hair.suddenly they fell apart.aditi somehow grabed seema's leg & pulled her down & started choking her.she said" see who the better woman is . U better give up u bitch" seema just pushed her & said " not so soon u bitch"both again got up to their hands backside & just started hitting eachother boobs with their boobs. I didnt quiet understand this.suddenly the bell rang.i hastily seperated both of them i just told aditi to go through the backdoor.she went saying" main tujhe dekh loongi" seema replied" are jha jha bahut dekhe tere jaise"i just told seema to get a bit decent & send her to the bathroom.i opened to door & it was a salesman. I just kicked my self. I closed the door & ran out to see if aditi's car was there but she had left.then smitha came. I told her to go home. She said"the fight isnt over yet" & went.

There had been many days now since seema and aditi had fought their first fight.they hadcome face to face about 7 to 8 times but it was infront of my friends.they only exchanged some cold of my friend even told me that they even started a fight at the swimming pool but the other girls seperated Them.oneday i got a call from aditi.she told me that she wanted to settle it out with seema. She called me to her house. I went to her house at about 5.00 pm. Aditi told me that her parents had gone out. She asked me for seema's phone number. I gave it to her. She was going to call her & asked me to listen the chat between them on the parallel phone. This is what all they talked on the phone .

As Seema lifted the handset aditi asked " may i speak to seema plz" seema replied "seema speaking.who is it?" aditi replied" its me aditi u bitch" seema replied"oh hi bitch how do u feel now after i had kicked ur as that day" aditi said"oh really it was me who did it bitch & i could have easily choked u at the swimming pool u bloody"seema replied" i dont have time to speak with u bitch come to the point"aditi said"actually at this point of time ramesh is with me & if u want him come & take him lets settle the scores for once & for all" seema replied " i m coming u bitch give ur address" aditi gave her the address & shut the phone .

After about 10 minutes the door bell rang. Aditi shouted " the door is open come in & shut the door" it was seema. Seema came & asked " how r u ramesh " as i was going to reply aditi said" he is fine by the way how is ur ass bitch" seema replied " its better then urs" Aditi said " lets see whose better "they both told me not to interfere & to sit quietly on the sofa.

Now both were face to face. Both were in salwars. Aditi was in yellow salwar & seema was in green.last time they had tied their dupattas to their waists but these time they just threw them away.again they did the same thing.moved their hands backwards & slowly came towards both were very close.their boobs were touching each other nipple to nipple.they started pushing as both forced from either side. Seema fell down.aditi didnt took the advantage & asked"hows that bitch" seema recovered.again they came close the same way & started pushing & this time aditi fell down & seema asked " how was that" now aditi recoverd & this time both came face to face.1st aditi slapped seema.seema slapped back. Both grabbed each others handful of hair & started pulling .both fell on the ground.aditi was on top of seema.she just pulled of seema's salwar.seema suddenly looked at my face. Aditi took the adantage & pulled of seema's kameez too.seema didnt wasted any time this time round.she just got on top & pulled of aditi's clothes & just moved away.

Now both were abt to meters apart.aditi was in a white bra & tight blue silky short while seema was in a black bra & red tight silky short. Again they both leaped at eachother & started fighting.pulling eachother's hair,slapping etc.suddenly aditi got on top & started punching this point i thought aditi was going to win. Seema was in pain.aditi now sat on her boobs & started choking her & asked wht will u d now bitch" give up u bitch" seema just rolled over slapped aditi to face.she gave 2 punches to aditi's boobs. She got up & started kicking aditi's boobs. Aditi was in pain. Now seema said" give up aditi i m better" aditi just some how grabed seema's leg & pulled her down. She fell on her boobs. Aditi turned & was going to sit on seema's boobs but she asked " if u give up i wont sit on ur boobs any more u bitch" seema had to accept it as she fell very hard. Aditi got up went into her room & came with a couple of dresses.she told me to got into the other room. After that both came and aditi said " now dont ever u look towards ramesh u bitch" seema was humilated. Aditi told her to leave.

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