Ash v/s Kat - By Doctor Zhivago

Katrina Was looking stunning in the Ink Blue skin bikini that evening. She could be described in one word as “Hot” . To get an idea on her dress that fateful day, please go to the website . The “Hot” lass, however was feeling hotter that day with excitement. She had met the famous Aishwarya rai the previous night in one of the charity functions where the famous who’s who of the film industry gathered. They had got on well like a house on fire.

They chatted about a lot of things and were already in the eye of the media. The former miss world was willing to share her experiences with her but was getting a trifle uneasy about the various cameras that hovered over them. So she told the Kashmiri beauty that she would meet her the coming day. “That would be great! Where would you like me to come?” Katrina asked excitedly to Ash. Ash coolly replied, “Never mind! I will come to you.” She said. Katrina was taken a bit uneasy over the tone of Ash’s parting remark, but nevertheless she dispelled any thoughts of any untoward happening as Ash gave her a sweet parting smile. So she waited the whole day for Ash to pop up at her house but there was no sign of her. Disappointed, by evening time she felt that Ash would not make it owing to some engagement. Well, that’s the price of stardom; she thought but she could at least have given her a tinkle. So she proceeded to the GYM that evening for a swim and a round of exercises and working out. As soon as she was about to jump in the pool she heard a soft voice calling her by name. She looked around and found nobody. She dismissed the voice as her imagination and was about to take the dip when the voice came in though again, this time a bit more loudly and clear.
“Katrina! It’s me Ash! Come over by the gym.”

The voice was clearer now and Katrina knew beyond doubt that it was Ash’s. Thrilled to bits she proceeded to the gym and found Ash by the side of the vibrator. Ash was looking stunning as can be seen in the website pic . Katrina waved a cheerful hello. Ash beckoned her to come over to her side. Katrina proceeded slowly over to her, her face a beaming picture of 32 teeth. Here, she felt was the turning point of her life as she was now going to get advice and tips on how to survive in the film industry without having to sweat it out and going through the ordeal. Still smiling, she approached Ash, who was also smiling her sweetest and held her arms open.

“So you want some advice from your peers don’t you? Well, my dear! The first and foremost is that you should never let your guard down!” said Ash.

“What do you mean?” asked Katrina a bit puzzled.

In reply, Ash merely stepped forward as if to greet her and suddenly rammed her right knee full force into Katrina’s groin without warning. Kat was taken aback and the once smiling picture of 32 teeth was replaced by a face the mixture of pure shock, agony and betrayal. Her eyes bulged out of her sockets and her lips took the shape of the letter ‘O’. She went down on her knees, slightly bent forward with her hands clutching her womanhood.

“That’s what I mean.”, said Ash sweetly.

Kat tried to reply but a low groaning sound escaped from her lips.

“Oooooouuuuu….!”, she groaned agonizingly.

“ I’ll be damned if I let you on the secret just like that”, said Ash with a sudden restrained fury. “You will have to learn it the hard way here and now. But look at the bright side. At least you get to know the film industry in and out without really having a tough time.”

“You cannot get away with this Bitch!”, hissed Katrina between clenched teeth despite her pain.
“There! There! Temper!” said Ash and suddenly kicked Katrina on the face with her right leg. The blow caught Kat on the cheek. It was a powerful blow which lifted Katrina who was on her knees still feeling the effect of the previous blow. Kat was lifted a bit in the air by the force of the previous blow and landed twirling on her left side with a thud on the floor, dazed and stunned. Her cheek registered a small crack where the heel had made contact.

“That should teach you to respect your older and senior colleagues. Something which is sadly lacking in the youngsters nowadays both in the film industry and the younger generation as a whole. Take my advice, and remember this right up your dying day. Don’t talk back as you did to me right now.”, Ash said with an air of growing seniority and advice. She saw the betrayed look on Kat’s face and remarked,”There is nothing to feel so betrayed aback. Someone would do it sooner or later to you. So, next time someone says she was going to share her experiences with you wear Protection always, especially near that tender womanhood region of yours. You are going to need it.”, and saying so she stomped her boot full force on Kat’s crotch who was now lying on her back facing Ash. Kat shrieked in pain and her entire back arched in a pretty alarming angle. Her hands once gain fell back on her privates, attempting to protect the sensitive bruised area, but Ash’s foot was already there, hampering any kind of protection.
“You want to have a nice sex life don’t you! You also want to be a mother someday!” taunted ash sweetly. Kat looked up in alarm. Ash then laughed mockingly and said “Don’t worry dear! I am not going to do anything to you just as yet! This is just a warning to you in case you try to get too close! And remember, always mind your own business and take the word of your senior fellow actresses to be law. Here is just a small sample of what would happen if you don’t fall in line.” Saying so she savagely twisted her heel on top of Katrina’s groin. Tears of agony welled up on Kat’s face and she groaned in anguish. Ash did this a few times more in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions, intensifying the pressure on Katrina’s privates each time she did so.
Katrina moaned in agony. She thought she was going to get off after this but Ash smiled at her as if reading her thoughts and said,”Don’t worry dear! There is still plenty more to come.” Katrina’s heart sank at these words.

To be continued…..

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